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What Are The Evidences Which Proves That The Earth Is Geoid

Earth’s Geoid: The geoid is a representation of the surface of the earth that it . of the Earth the Geoid shows us the dynamic structure of the Earth’s deep interior. And please see the link


I have a dagger rpm kayak and want to remove the footplate completely but cant seem to HELP

If you kayak much at all, believe me, you DON'T want to remove your foot pedal. The RPM looks very similar to my Prijon Hurricane, and from experience, you really need the pedal. Unless you are gonna replace it with like a solid foam block, leave it in. If its anything like my Prijon, the foot pedal is adjustable, normally with screwon knobs or similar. Just remove those, and pull it out.

Looking for a Kayak

Go to your local kayak/rental shop and see if they are selling used ones...Costco sells kayaks but I'm not sure what they are going for. Canadian Tire sells them for about $300, they are just recreational type kayak with no bells and whistles.
Steven is right maybe shop around and purchase a better one (parents could give you a gift certificate) and you could pay for the rest on lay away or however you can do it. Check classified ads, under water sports/recreational boating...
Kijijji.com or Ebay.

Good luck :)

Is it possible that medications derived from human stem cell material may lead to adverse effects like kuru

Kuru as you stated is derived from cannibalism, it is also known as modified Crutsfield Jacobs Disease or Mad Cow Disease (in cows) or Spongiform encephalopathy. As you probably know this disease is related to a modified protein which when it comes in contact with a regular protein of the same type it changes these are then rejected by the body and attacked where they concentrate in nerve cells of the frontal lobe. So I guess the plausible awnser to your question is maybe. If stem cells from an infected person were to be placed in a healthy body it seems possibly their proteins could affect others. Another point you bring up is that we might find new Prijon based diseases form these procedures. But my gut feeling on this issue is that there is not the evidence suggesting a certain cataclysmic event if we proceed with this research, therefore we should continue with such research until we find hard reasons to stop.