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The best road to progress is freedom's road - John F. Kennedy
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Does Obama Want To Destroy America? Yes But€¦ : leftwing, antiAmerican, radical ideology, Obama does want to destroy the U.S.A. as it is now. he thinks after America's fall he and his leftwing comrades will be building a The left's prescriptions will lead to our becoming a third world nation. . minded fanatics i wish this countr

Obama Says Will Take More Than One Term To Destroy Usa : Obama is still convinced it will take him another term to complete his planned but, still After pretense upon pretense of shock as to how far the Obama syndicate has already taken the country into ruin, the wimpy €œI sold my soul, how about you

Obama Goes Against the Grain of What America Represents : Why go after 100,000 401ks with more than $3 million when Uncle It is a terrible, ridiculous nonstarter that makes Obama look like he Obama is a socialist pig who will ruin the people ofthe United States, and this countr

Obama's Plan to Destroy America Hatched at Columbia Says : The economic news has gone from bad to worse. Next we found out U.S. business inventory figures were a disappointment. Finally and faculty of that institution can be, and Barack Obama is certainly no exception. . The wor

Obama Invokes the Chesterton Prophecies to Destroy America : While the nation is looking at mostly economic threats which serve to threaten its Additionally, in the US, there is the threat of another major false flag operation We should be concerned because these drills carry all the

The real reason why the US economy is so bad : He is considered to be responsible for the decline in the US economy by many people. . mean that America will go further into debt and be destroyed economically. Do you know that to people coming here from other countrie we look like a .

Answer to Why Obama Wants to Destroy America : Why would Obama want to destroy America €” at least the America that most Why stop at America, when you can ruin the world. . These are overwhelmingly responsible for our national economic policies. We should do well to

Did Republicans deliberately crash the US economy? : Why, after several months of economic hope, are things suddenly turning sour? The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a Republicans will do anything, including shortcircuiting t

Obama Hates America and Must Destroy the Economy : Obama hates America and is purposely trying to destroy the economy. He was handed the key to America's future and since then we have watched Unfortunately, most of us will live to see the depths' of this evoluti

10 disasters America will face if Obama gets a second term : The damage of a second Obama term could be potentially Four lost years in dealing with the entitlement crisis will become eight€”digging us into a hole from which we may not This is, of course, not a complete list€”not by a lo

Is Barack Obama destroying America in an attempt to create fairness : Is Obama destroying America out of his ideal concept of fairness and in the name of Remember he views American success since the founding of our nation as due to Snow , we both believe that the truth will set us free. Have you look at the unemployment numbers under reagan, during Reagans

Obamas Second Term Regulations That Will Destroy America : Obama also destroyed our lift capacity by killing the C €“ 17 along with our future would have a negative impact on America that Obama was waiting until after the election to put in place. I am afraid we will never have another election. that will make the Great Depression look like a bump in the road

Bill Maher Tears Down the Republican Myth that Obama has Ruined : It just doesnt feel like Obama has ruined America. And yes, I am saying we can keep blaming Bush for that. on the idea that Im going to fix the economy by restoring the policies of the party that destroyed it. . jobs moved out of the U.S. since our economy is based on GNP, forget the company profits,

Barack Obama Americas Enemy : I hope that youll look beyond Barack Obama and see the bigger picture. Obama promised change for the positive but we are experiencing change for the worse. After viewing the evidence, only a complete moron would buy into the lie that by our government leaders, as part of the ongoing effort to destroy Americas

Why ObamaCare is a fantastic success : Search Site He wants to hurt us, to bring us to our knees, to capitulate so we agree was Saul Alinsky a radical Marxist intent on destroying capitalism. To scream that the other guy is €œruining America,€ while you are the one Or the devastating effect the new taxes are having on the economy.

Obama Tells Senior UN Official €œThe United States Will be a Muslim : Jones went to one of his orphanages in Haiti after the massive 3 or 4 along with the Hindus in the US, whose population is about the same as the Jews. So the Egyptian economy appears doomed to collapse, which would create . light. organize and destroy. they do everything they can to divide us. we

Majority of GOPers want to impeach Obama because they hate : My point being, they were out to destroy Clinton from day one, with zero evidence to And who says that We the People do not need law enforcement to look after Us They are not finished ruining our economy just yet. But they soon will after the dumb and dumber keep voting them in and supporting

How can Obama be Impeached? : Click here to see Gerald Fords complete remarks on impeachment. Is increasing US government debt at unsustainable rates . How can we tolerate or ever trust our commander and chief who has been a memeber of such a group up of committed suicide members of the navy seal,purposely destroying the economy.

Is too much being expected from Barack Obama? : All we can ask and hope is for him to make choices that leave us a little better was elected for two terms, a total of 8 years, and destroyed our economy. he had many citizens expecting either a miracle, or a complete failure, during his tenure. People say Bush ruined this country but that is not true, no one looks who is

American dream dying under Obama? : €œI think the U.S. economy is in trouble regardless of who President Obama policies that have brought the country to the brink of economic ruin,€ . 19, 2008, the day after President Obama began his first term in . I think this President is the worst thing that has ever happened to us and we should FIRE,