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TNA Today Hulk Hogan Reacts To Dixie Carter And AJ Styles : TNA Today: Hulk Hogan Reacts To Dixie Carter And AJ Styles' Face Off, . a returning Jeff Jarrett, there's no need for Hogan in TNA anymore.

IMPACT Coverage TNA President Dixie Carter Drops A Bombshell : Last week, Dixie Carter shocked the world with her comments to A.J. Styles. With those four words, Kenny King returns to Impact as only he can, shutting down the Austin Aries . But as they boo, Dixie turns her attention back to Hulk Hogan.

Newz Watcha Gonna Do When the Hulkster Finishes Up His Dates : Wait, I thought TNA was dead when they *signed* Hogan? but Claire Lynch shrieking at AJ Styles is horrible, and everyone in TNA I will not be bothered if he doesn't come back, but won't throw a hissy fit if he does, either.

Hulk Hogan No Longer Under Contract with TNA Update on AJ Styles : Hogan Returning to WWE?, Kharma's WWE Return, y New Layla, Sting's departure, because he wants to be in wwe when they induct his

3/14 TNA Impact Wrestling Results : TNA Impact Wrestling March 14th, 2013 TNA and Impact Wrestling is live tonight AJ Styles Returns, Hulk Hogan Empowers the TNA Locker Room They show a clip of Sunday's Knockouts match, with Gail Kim and Taryn

Hulk Hogan No Longer Advertised for Bound for Glory : Whenever the Hulkster can have a fixed back . Ralph Ramos His presence there did little or nothing for TNA anyway. He was Plus Kurt Angle vs Bobby Rood should be good too. I can't wait to be . TNA IMPACT: Dixie Carter Sa

TNA Impact Wrestling Preview Sting Speaks AJ Styles vs Kurt : Hulk Hogan is back and he has some BIG news for the TNA fans and for Bully Kazarian, Kaz Daniels, Bad Influence, Aj Styles, Knockouts, Abyss, . i amean with sting they could do a cool storyline with aries and roode

bigray 1Wrestling : Rampage Jackson Returns: Will He Confront Kurt Angle? to look far for the best€”and then they shook hands and stared each other down. The Hulkster, the general manager of Impact Wrestling, was looking for a No.


Missing The Mark Part 2 Of 2 AJ Styles : AJ Styles is back in the world title picture, a place where he deserves to be. The risk here was AJs momentum going cold coming off of the The WWE has said that when it comes to AJ Styles, they would need to start from Its time for the Hulkster and Bischoff to leave TNA and let them get back to

WWE rumors Could Hulk Hogan be leaving TNA for the WWE? : If they lose Hulk Hogan, there is a chance that Eric Bischoff will follow, and It seems like Jeff Jarrett is back on a more fulltime basis when it comes to This brings up the question of AJ Styles contract as well. start to get going for the next payperview (PPV) on TNAs extremely limited PPV schedule.

5 Ways That Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff Are Killing TNA : Is a national wrestling organization going to be pulled under once and for all Despite all Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff did for WCW, they also had a and Sting sending out feelers to WWE (perhaps he feels TNA cant afford him them back which is what Hogan and Bischoff are largely responsible for.

AJ Styles TNA The Marriage of Banality : Theyre a matter of trying to put the genie back in the bottle. Split apart for good or keep the proceedings going, ala Shotgun marriage style, in order to In the case of TNA, they appreciate AJ Styles but arent exactly sure what his and get the rub from the Hulkster who always wants to save the day on

Hulk Hogan : He was signed to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) from 2010 until 2013, where he was . However, Bruno Sammartino/Larry Zbyszko sold out everywhere they Sting then went on to win the vacant title against Hogan at SuperBrawl VIII. Michaels then made a plea for Hulk Hogan to come back and team with him.

TNA Impact results and open thread for Sept 26 Hogan reacts : TNA Impact returns to a live broadcast tonight (Sept. Hulk Hogan is advertised as being on hand to address Dixie Carter and AJ Styles shooting on each other last week. A good way to settle it would be to kick out a member if they lose to Recap of Dixie and AJ SHOOTING and Hulk Hogan is here to

TNA Impact Wrestling Results : Hulk Hogan answers the ultimatum of Dixie Carter on the 10/3/13 TNA Impact Wrestling from Little Rock. thing), Bully is the man that AJ is going to beat for the World Title Bully says after October 20th they wont be chanting that anymore. . In the back Sting and Hogan talk about the Dixie Carter issue.

TNAsylum Rumor Hulk Hogan To Re : TNA began airing advertisements for Bound for Glory that include the Can you imagine if WWE lowballs Sting the same way if he were to go there? Report Hogan might be coming back eventually but this story is bullshit.

PopEd If I Bought TNA Wrestling : Ive got an absurd amount of money and Im going to purchase TNA. Its shenanigans and gaga and The Hulkster on the mic. So its time to go back to what brought you to the dance €” wrestling. AJ Styles has been dubbed €œMr. TNA€ for years, but is he out there at the forefront as the point man for the