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What causes a black line in the finger nail? : My teenage daughter has a black line running from the cuticle of her thumbnail to the tip. Vertical ridges or lines in the nail often do not have a clear cause.
What is 1 black line underneath your fingernail mean? · Skin : I have 1 black line underneath the fingernail on my thumb and forefinger of my right hand and 1 black line underneath the forefinger of my left
black line in fingernail=Subungal melanoma : I've got the same black stripe on my left index finger too I'm a malayasian from Singapore and I have the exact same line on my thumb nail.
black line in nail : i have black stripe in my nail my pointer nail. i googled and im it. how many do you have? is it one finger? do you have more then one line?
Nail Problems Board Index black line on thumb : Black line on the middle of my nail . My Right thumb had splinter hermorrageand now,i leave it alone .and one weeks later,my nail started to
Noticed dark lines under finger nails What is causing this : I have noticed dark lines under my finger nails for a couple of months now. The lines run from the nail bed to the edge of the nail. I have also
What Your Nails Say About Your Health : About 75 percent of cases involve the big toe or the thumb, A black line on the nail may also be caused by a harmless mole or an injury.
What Do Fingernail Lines Indicate? : Fingernail lines may not indicate anything, but they can sometimes be a sign of a myself that when I eat right and take a multi vitamin on a daily basis, my nails
My finger nails are turning black Normal? : I took a shower, went to bed and woke up my finger nails are black under I've had a small black streak on my right big toe that is a fungus I
Finger nails to predict health : Have had a light brown line on my right ndex finger for about a year recently I see the vein on the finger that leads to nail have a very small
finger nails and diagnosis : R.J. asks: For some time I have noticed that the thumb on my right hand seems to . thick dark brown lines under the nail should be seen by a dermatologist
Finger and ToeNails and Health : It has been brought home to me during the course of my own recovery just how much the condition of the fingernails and toenails reflect the overall health of the
Fingernails Predict Your Health : But its those lines that cross the nail, not run with the length of it, that are . with melanoma and it was exactly that a black line in my fingernail.
Nail abnormalities : Greenblack nails can be caused by overgrowth of bacteria called . Deep lines or grooves that go from left to right across the nail are known as Beaus lines.
Nails Can Warn Of Health Problems Its Wise to Watch Them : Bluish/deep blue nail beds heart or respiratory problems/pulmonaryobstruction/ asthma/emphysema Dark blue line in nail can be sign of skin cancer
Pictures of Fingernail Lines/Ridges : goes all the way to the bottom of my nail, so it appears to have decreased in rid of the infection indicated by the reddish line on my right thumb. NOTE: Note:
Why does my nail have a crease in it? : (Vertical black lines at the top of the thumbnail indicate heavy metal The top layer of my finger nails have separated and you can peal like
Black lines on finger nails : Vertical lines on finger nails? white vertical lines in my toenails. Why do people have a black line going through their finger nails? this only happens to some
Slide show 7 fingernail problems not to ignore : Nail pitting is small depressions in the nails. Nail pitting is most common in people who have psoriasis €” a condition characterized by scaly patches on the skin.
Fingernails And What They Reveal : These lines emerge from under the nail folds weeks later, and allow us . Please is the light brownish color at the tip of my finger nails a sign of