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Frontosa Cichlid Cyphotilapia frontosa Humphead Cichlid Fish Guide : However the most colorful variety is the Zaire Blue Frontosa. It has the most My Aquarium Enter your aquarium to see if this fish is compatible Popular Variations can be solid blue or not, and some will have blue dots on some of the bands. Lifespan: 25 years With proper care this

The Frontosa Cichlid : Welcome to my lens about the beautiful Frontosa Cichlid You can add a lot of beauty to your aquarium with these large beautiful African zaire blue 1 on a white background and the extremities will usually stay white or light blue in color.

Zaire Purple frontosa : my 10 frontosa group (a few years back) tended to go black and grey They are black with 6 thin white stripes dotted with blue flecs. I am trying to breed these in the near future if I succed I will post a thread. Yanton where abou

Frontosa : 200 matches i have for sale a mixture of babies all about 1 inch in size, all fed on newly hatched Large 9 inch+ male zaire blue frontosa, cash waiting, . At the minute I have them all in the same tank since my other tank was ed.

frontosa blue zaire moba Page 2 : frontosa blue zaire moba Buy, Sell Trade. 2.also i would like to tell me if i can add in my tank and other tanganika fishes and what are they?

Cichlids Photo Gallery by Steve at pbase : previous page, pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ALL, next page Cyphotilapia frontosa ' Blue Zaire' . CA Community Tank Baby Cyphotilapia frontosa Moba hi u guys will to ship to to the states iam looking for a female Vieja bifasciata for my ma

FAQs on Jack Dempseys Compatibility : I've read about all I can here regarding my freshwater question and can't the tank came with what I'm pretty sure is about a 5 or 6 inch electric blue Jack Dempsey. I want to know if these can live together I will be adding my baby red O

arnolds : Red Parrots Zaire Frontosa Tank 8FT tank. by virunews my 70 gallon african cichlid tank consists of an assortment of african cichlids. Thumbnail 9:58

fmueller Frontosa [Cyphotilapia sp 'North' (Burundi)] : Full Tank Shot July 2005. Frontosa. My frontosa in July 2005, just shortly One of them was genetically deformed or must have had some freak accident as a baby. I get out of fishkeeping is having a piece of nature right in your living room

Akvaryum : 1 x 6 Bar Frontosa (sorry bout crap quality it was on my phone) its still alive can u believe it Frontosa , Blue dolphins and Red Zebra in a community tank Cyrtocara Moori Blue Dolphins and Zaire Frontosa juveniles circle the tan

Cyphotilapia frontosa (Boulenger 1906) by Orlando García : Orly says: My topic for this meeting is Cyphotilapia frontosa (fronts hereafter). 8 to 10 adults should be housed in a tank of no less than 6 in length and 18 They were then in a community tank with a variety of other fish. Other imported varieties include the Zambian blue, the stunning Zaire blue, the

Frontosa African Cichlid : Tank length is more important than the height, as it will give them more They can also be fed worms, krill, shrimp and mysis and food can be either live or frozen. in groups, it is recommended to have at least four in the tank community . Color: Frontosa Cichlids have either white or blue bodies and are marked with 6 or 7

Cichlids : Cyphotilapia Frontosa Variants Algae Growth In My Aquarium The fish are very curious and they can be lured by bubbles of divers or pieces of The fish age is about 20 25 years when they live in good conditions. Females breed in periods of 68 weeks when kept in ideal conditions and from 8 Eyes turn to blue.

Toronto (GTA) frontosa classifieds find frontosa in : 6 petrochromis of the Orange Kasumbe and Texas Bulu Bulu variety. These are 12 and will look stunning when they grow up. Lwanda Calvus frontosa tropheus peacock cichlid aquarium tank fish light heater protien gallon arowana catfish pleco corals reef cichlids live rock . Kijiji: Blue Hap Ali Iceberg CICHLID

C Frontosa : His secret is feeding huge adult fish baby brine shrimp and lots of veggies. The biggest tank you can fit and afford, the better. obvious when they are in breeding mode. i first spawned a 6 pair in a 26 gallon tank. &gt 2. . most noticeable is the Zaire Blue, then Cape Mpimbwe Blue, also the Zambian blue.

Large marine fish tanks Pets Animals : We now have 77428 ads from 82 sites for Large marine fish tanks, under Marine clown surgeon Tang healthy live fish acanthurus. As you can see from the pictures. Selling my dog faced puffer he is Large around 6 inches and requires a lot of All are 7 11 30 each or offers for the group also 10 Zaire blue 40 also

Information on types of Frontosa : The high price of Zaire Frontosa is determined by a series of factors but The Blue Zaire are probably the most desired varient of C.Frontosa i will Tankmates: Bare in mind the sedate nature of zaires they can be . okay thanks for info but how can the 7 stripe kigoma and the 6 hows my posting?

Cyphotilapia Frontosa/Gibberosa Profile [Archive] : Since I joined this community I have seen some great profiles of different Be careful of tank mates as they are opertunic feeders and will eat other fish if Things like zaire blue,kerugma, moba, nangu, nsumbu, ikola, kipili, and Cyphotilapia Frontosa live in large groups or colonies in the deep portions

The care of Cyphotilapia Frontosa Tropical Fish Finder co uk : For a group of 68 four inch plus fish you should consider a tank size Frontosas breed in groups, therefore it is my opinion you should start with 810 fish. mind that with wildcaught fish they will be used to eating other live Barbs for the community aquarium Species: Cyphotilapia frontosa zaire blue