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Yes .as long as the RMS wattage for both the amp and the 6x9 matches. If not,   get another speaker and hook it up so the amp sees a 4 ohm load.
Can i use car speakers to make a guitar amp? : Yes .as long as the RMS wattage for both the amp and the 6x9 matches. If not, get another speaker and hook it up so the amp sees a 4 ohm load.
Changing an amp's speaker with a car speaker Ultimate : P.S.: the car speaker does not show any or + signs where the cables are The amp transformer says: 220V 0.5A. From that, I'm guessing it can handle I would love to take the speaker system from a nice car, and make a
4x6 guitar speakers : Hi, I'm building a small ~18 watt, EL84 pp amp. I want to use it Is there any car audio speakers that can be used for guitar? Thanks Daniel
Car Stereo/Guitar Amp (Da Burik) : The pictures do most of the explaining, I replaced the old speaker with the 4way, and mounted the old one to the back of the box so This is a build that is still in progress. So really a car stereo in a mono guitar amp c
Play your guitar through your car speakers : This is how you rig up to play your guitar through your car speakers. Enjoy how to make a guitar amp from an old transistor radioby smojomusic . I can play through that with an AUX cable and a small conversion jack thing.
would it work to play bass guitar through a car amp/subs : i am wondering if i could play bass guitar through a car amp and some subs With Instructables you can share what you make with the world and tap into do you mean like the tone would just cause the speakers arent
Can you wire a guitar amp as car sub woofer : You can wire it but the problem is a guitar amp is for higher sound so if u listen to rock with it you Can you answer these Car Stereos and Speakers questions?
Why 12 speakers for guitar? MarshallForum : I come from a car audio/home theater background. One thing I can tell you about guitar amplifiers and guitar speakers is that you should If it did make a difference, we would all be playing guitar through cabs with 4inch
8 Guitar Amp Myths How Many Do You Believe? : Here are eight guitar amp myths that make Ryan cringe: The size and number of speakers, and the power efficiency of the They've been thrown into the back of cars and vans, and taken on five or six hour road trips.
Build A Guitar Amp Dummy Speaker Load : Budget speaker simulators make it easy to get a good guitar sound directly from If you're using a simulator box that can be run directly from your amplifier's Think of it like a car engine on the motorway you might be able to run it flat
A Lesson In Guitar Amps And Speakers : But that does not work for everyone, that is why they make guitar lessons for beginners Pingback: can i use guitar amp speakers for my car?
How to Put an Amp on My Car Speakers : You can always buy smaller amplifiers to power bigger speakers Amplifiers are commonly used for guitars as well as car stereos. Amplifiers are commonly
home stereo receiver and speakers as a guitar amp? : While you can plug your guitar directly into a microphone input on a tape echo and reverberation to create characteristic guitar sounds. The output of these guitar amp/speaker/effects simulators is suitable for . External speakers, guitar amp, adapters (Help), Astral Cars, iPod, 5, 01:59 AM
Making a Mini Electric Guitar Amp : Making a Mini Electric Guitar Amp The place to CommenceEven at You should know by now which speakers that will fit your car ortruck.
Choosing Guitaramp Speakers : Early guitar amps were fitted with cone loudspeakers but not tweeters, so the frequency Smaller practice amps with even smaller speakers can sound good, more distortion, and may also make the sound seem slightly compressed.
How to Connect Speakers in a Guitar Amp : Turn off the guitar amp. Plugging and unplugging cables into a speaker cabinet while the amp is still on can create unpleasant noises. These noises can
DIY Guy Cranks Out Guitar Amps Made of Ouija Boards Beer Cans : After seeing video of a beer can turned into a guitar amp, Robert Brenne got inspired (His rotary phone amps handset serves as a speaker.).
Best mini amp KITS : How about a list of decent kits available for building mini amps, #1 resource for Cigar Box Guitars, Free Plans, HowTo, Parts More STEVE at rubyamp said you can run it through a little car speaker and get that
How to Wire a Guitar Speaker Cabinet : Before you make any changes, though, be sure you understand the power Thus, a 50 watt amplifier that possessed two speakers, each speaker should carry a
The 12 most outrageous homemade guitar amps on the internet : Little Gem homemade mini guitar amp. Ragtagbag And once youre done, you can whack up a spiffy little cigar box amp thats just perfect for your guitar or harmonica. Dont want Computer speaker amp . Sport Auto.