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Question: My husband and I own property on the West Coast with   our daughter   obtained a home equity loan  without our permission or   Oversimplified, when   you borrow money to purchase (or refinance) a house, you sign two   That   lender would only have the right to coll

Can One CoOwner Mortgage A Property? Realty Times
Question: My husband and I own property on the West Coast with our daughter obtained a home equity loan without our permission or Oversimplified, when you borrow money to purchase (or refinance) a house, you sign two That lender would only have the right to coll

Can husband borrow money on his share without wife approval
Type your review here. My question asks if the husband can borrow a little money for some small the husband can borrow on the equity of the home, you need to see Then he may legally borrow money against his share of t

Is a Spouse's Signature Required for a 401(k) Loan? eHow
Under federal tax laws, you can borrow from your 401(k) and if you do so, you alone are a lifetime income stream for your spouse if you die before the money is depleted. Your employer might not allow you to take out a loan without spous

Your rights if you or your partner own your home Housing Advice NI
If you and/or your spouse, civil partner or partner own your home, your rights A property can be owned by just one person (a sole owner), or it can be owned jointly. out a loan against the property (for example, a second mortgage) witho

Can You Refinance Without a Spouse's Signature? Budgeting Money
Your spouse may be required to sign refinance documents in community property states. to consolidate other debts, or to get cash back by borrowing against the equity. If you're the sole owner of a house, you can refinance without your s

Reasons For Having Only One Spouse Apply For A My Money Blog
Why would bank loan money to your wife on house that she does not even . the survivorship can be severed by a default against the other joint tenant). buy what I could afford, without even considering my wife as a source o

Jeffrey A Landers Can I Take Money Out Of My 401K During My
Can my spouse take money out of his/her 401K before or during our divorce? they will flag the account to prevent any loans or withdrawals without first notifying you. to borrow money from your 401K (like purchasing

Neighbors hurt your home's value? 1 selling your MSN Money
They can cost you real money when it's time to sell your home. A few years ago , he and his wife were house hunting and found a After i amoved out and staged my home, it still took me over a year to get rid of it,

Loan Modification without my knowledge quit claim deed issues
If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. to the foreclosure, foreclosure notices will be sent to your ex husband. know how he could have completed a loan modification without y

The 7 smartest ways to borrow MSN Money
Two, when your back's against the wall and you simply don't have a choice. . you have a large lumpsum expense, like a major addition to your home or loans an unsecured loan guaranteed only by your signature. . I als
Please help get my house back after the trustee sale
I NEED TO KEEP the house or else my family will be destroyed because I told them I I have spent out money to try get my home back it ended up being a scam . the attorney general won the case against this loan but my home sold anyways. . We can reverse your sale date and keep you in your home without making a

I Cant Refinance my House Without my Husbands Signature Help
I cant refinance my house without my husbands signature. What should I do? by Lynnette KhalfaniCox, The Money Coach I suspect that your lender was saying you cant €œrefinance without your ex€ for . 7 Online Sources to Borrow Money

What does €œvest€ PERS of Mississippi
Can you tell me how much money I have in my retirement account? Your account Can I borrow against my employee contribution account? There are no

What is a NonPurchasing Spouse? FHA
Firsttime home buyers who want an FHA mortgage will learn about a variety of have to go through a credit check even though they arent cosigning or co borrowing. Fortunately, the nonpurchasing spouses signature is required only to Ask your loan officer for full details about how your state laws affect your FHA

How to Borrow From 403b Budgeting Money
If you need money from your 403(b) plan, before you take a distribution, Taking a loan allows you to access the money in your plan without taking a If youre married, your 403(b) plan may require your spouses signature as Can I Borrow More Than My House Is Worth? Can I Borrow Against My Deferred Annuity?

Dower Interest in Ohio Beacon Title Agency
(or, €œexplain to me again why my spouse has to sign€) €œWhat is your marital status€ will be one of the questions you are asked when listing a property for sale, having a deed prepared by an attorney, or borrowing money from a lender where you intend to secure your repayment by placing a mortgage on your home.

Is Your Spouse Hiding Debt? Recovering from Financial Infidelity
Few relationships can survive this kind of strain without counseling. Because of this my wife and I talk almost daily about money to ensure bills when/if your parents have health issues and cant afford extra help at home, He keeps things secret from her and has to borrow money from her for decent

5 Reasons Not to Borrow from Your 401k PT Money
Asking, should I borrow from my 401K? Heres 5 reasons why borrowing against your 401k is a very bad Good News for StayAtHome Spouses: The Government Now British Airways Visa Signature Card 50,000 Avios Bonus to say youll have that long to pay it back without tax consequence.

Homeequity Credit Line Can Be Mess In Divorce Chicago Tribune
I learned about this from my friend, Ann, who is in the midst of a mean divorce. She and her husband had borrowed $232,000 against the equity in their jointly Without her knowing it, her husband borrowed against all but $7,000 of If you learn that money is flying out the door, ``Either party can cancel

Can My husband take me off the house deed ? FreeAdvice Legal Forum
When I was married my NOW ex husband removed my name from the house No, he cant take your name off the deed without your consent. I believe that a court order can remove someones name from a title without their signature, MONEY I HAD TO EMPTY MY BANK EVERY WEEK AND BORROW