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Certain Health Issues Can Make It Hard To Join : Below you will find details from the Army's Standards of Medical Fitness, If evaluation reveals no signs or symptoms of disease, the applicant meets the
Hypothyroidism [and the army] : My question: If i do have hypothyroidism, would i still be able to join . you have hyper or hypothyroid the army will automatically disqualify you.
Thread Having a thyroid problem and joining the Marines : I am a 17 year old male with an overactive thyroid also called hyperthyroidism. I have been wanting to join the Marines now for 5 years.
Careers Military : thyroid condition, joining the navy, thyroid gland: Randy, Actually, the military medical regulations here are the things that can disqualify him:
Military Medical Standards for Enlistment Appointment : Current or history of hyperparathyroidism (252.0) and hypoparathyroidism (252.1 ) is disqualifying. Thyroid disorders. Current goiter (240) is disqualifying.
How to Join the Army While Under the Medication Levothyroxine : The U.S. Army reviews each recruit's medical history during enlistment. Some medical conditions and medications are acceptable for certain
Going off Synthroid for Basic Training Thyroid Disorders : It also depends how much you take, how long you had hypothyroid. If you You will be able to participate in your Military training phase with a
Medical Disqualifications : This is a list of medical conditions that disqualify someone from enlisting in the US Navy.
What disqualifies you from the military? : Or you can just email me and I could answer some of your questions. SSG Schramm . Does thyroid disease disqualify you in the military?
Thyroid problems? Thyroid Disease Active Low : I have been reading some of the symptoms of thyroid problems, like them they could be wrong, because as you know, military docs are
List of Military Medical Requirements for Joining the Military : This phase of the enlistment process simply establishes whether you can get into the military from a medical standpoint. A Short Rant: I read a lot about how the
HBP and Hypothyroidism : There should be no contraindication to you having a breast augmentation when your thyroid disease and blood pressure are stable. You must be in pretty good
Can you get an Army medical waiver if you had Legg : Can you get an Army medical waiver if you had LeggPerthes disease as a child? . dream to join the military all my life, but my research is negative. if you find a
The Good the Bad and the Ugly 2012 in perspective for thyroid : Considering that many of us suspect that the fluoride we are constantly exposed to could explain the huge influx of thyroid disease, this is
Physical and Health : And there are a LOT of other conditions that can disqualify you from joining the US Army. If you have a specific question about a condition, you should fill out this
How sick can a low thyroid level make you? : 5 Answers (question resolved) Posted in: thyroid disease, blood The celexa is pretty fast, after a week you will feel a bit better, as the days
Medical Conditions Normally Not Waiverable : This post is the first of a two part series which will talk about medical Seizure disorder with seizure and/or medication within five years.
Why is the military allowed to discriminate against allowing type 1 : If anyone can help that would be great. My daughter is 13, she has been talking about joining the coast guard for several years. I talked with the A.
Joining The Military : I will never tell you to lie just to join the Air Force, what I am saying is that you 2 in block 2 is where you will have indicate yes or no to what medical problems
Anyone Successfully Treated in Military Care or Tricare? : I have an appointment for Feb 11th with a notoriously bad doctor, so Im now trying to get around that and get in to see the doctor I saw last time.