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Contact folded like taco and stuck

your problem is most likely cause from proten build up. everyones eyes are differant, some eyes produce more protiens than others, this is why contats will become foggy or blurry after a few days or weeks. solution will also workonly so long, you should be changing the solution in yor case every other day or every days before putting you contacts in the case. protiens will become stiky and then harden that may be why the contact stuck and will not come apart.

Why does it say me next to a contact on my phone

That's the contact selected as your Info in the settings. If you want to change it, create a new contact in your iPhone with your name ... put all your details like name, number, address etc ...

then go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars and go to "My Info" setting to select that contact ..

When you use Siri and say, call my home or take me home .. it will use details in this contact to act upon.

Hope this helps

What does Principals only Recruiters please dont contact this job poster mean on craigslist com

They don't want employment agencies or headhunters contacting them on behalf of THEIR clients. So, in other words, let's say I was signed up with a temping agency and my recruiter saw this ad. They may call the employer and try to sell me as candidate. When employers place an ad like you described they do not want to deal with a third party (the agency), because they will have to pay for the employee and they will have to pay a fee to the agency.

What does Alternative Contact Information mean

It means alternative contact details - your mobile, parents number etc as long as it is another way they can contact you if they cant get you at your normal contact number.

Why do my contacts flip over in my eye when I try to push them in

I usually have that problem when I take them out so they're always inside-out when I put them in in the morning. You don't have to push your contacts in. Fill the lens with solution before you put it in your eye and the surface tension of the fluid will pull the contact onto the surface of you eye and hold it firmly in place. Believe it or not, you just have to let the fluid do all the work. If you don't feel like it's in place well enough, then it may be inside out. If not, then close your eye and gently press on your closed eyelids. This will help secure the contact more firmly in place. Be patient! It will happen more naturally the more you do it. Be gentle and the contacts will do all the work.

Does it hurt if contact lenses are inside out

It doesn't hurt, but it is very uncomfortable. Before you put them in your eye, put them on the tip of a finger and hold it up to a light. When a contact lens is inside out, the tops/edges will curve out. When they are right side in, the tops/edges will curve straight up or slightly in.
I wouldn't worry too much about putting them in inside out. You will know right away and you can just take them out, reverse them, and try again.
Good luck!

What is the difference between a no contact order protective order restraining order

These 3 orders are commonly thought to be the same thing, but they are not.
"no contact order" : Generally, a verbal order from the judge for no contact between parties. Unless an officer or deputy remembers being in the courtroom, a report will be taken and forwarded to the judge. He can then issue a contempt of court warrant. Most departments will not make an arrest on a violation until the judge signs a warrant.

restraining order: This is a civil paper ususally drawn up by an attorney (very expensive) preventing contact between parties. A violation can be reported to law enforcement, but ususally no action will be taken until you go back to court and inform the judge that a violation has occured. (This order is a waste of time and money)

protective order: A written order from the court with detailed information concerning contact between parties. A copy of the order is sent to local law enforcement to keep on file. If an officer has reasonable cause to believe the order has been violated, he can IMMEDIATELY arrest the violating party.
This is the only order in which the officer can make an arrest without having a judge issue a warrant.
Often, protective orders contain a "no contact provision" often specifing no "direct" or "indirect" contact. This means he/she cannot even have another family member call on their behalf. When this provision is in effect, the only contact between parties is through attornies.