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Chucky (Character) Comic Vine
Chucky (Charles Lee Ray) is the killer doll that no kid would want as a present. at Charles Lee Ray and before he died he transferred his soul into a good guy doll. Considering nobody believed that a doll could do this they suspected Andy of it into Chucky's head causing his head t

Chucky Child's Play Wiki
I have a date with a six year old boy, and you have a. Chucky is a violent doll that got his soul transferred into him by voodoo. Charles Lee Ray before the first film, but it seems that his backstory will be told in the he uses the A

Chucky (Character) Biography IMDb
Did You Know? Serial killer Charles Lee Ray known by his alias, the Lakeshore Strangler Ray, hurriedly searching for SOMETHING to transfer his soul into, stumbled doll in the store and transfered himself into it, thus becoming Chu

Movie Monsters Chucky Things That Go Boo
The film has so far spawned four sequels and has gone into other media, such as a killer Good Guys doll with the soul of the Lakeshore Strangler Charles Lee Ray. She buys him a

When charles lee ray (chucky) transfers his soul YouTube
Chucky €“ a €œGood Guy€ doll was the closest thing for killer Charles Lee Ray to transfer so he can get his soul the hell out of a doll's body and back into that of a human. Like Freddy Krueger, Chucky is quick witted and has a sense of h

Who was Charles Lee Ray WikiAnswers
How chucky became a killer doll. charles lee ray does the transformation into the dollby chuckys fan 13,252 views &middot 3:31. Watch Later

Legacy of Chucky Chapter 4 Our Dearly Departed a child's play
who was fatally shot by police in a toy store, but before his death, he uses voodoo to transfer his soul into one of the Good Guy dolls on the toy store shelves.

Child's Play (2014) Movie Preview Chucky Is Coming Back
Now she has to deal with all of this all because of one little Good Guy doll that should've If Chucky never came along if Charles Lee Ray never transferred his soul into that doll, then I'm really sorry about your loss, a vo

HFD Worst of the Series #1 Retro Junk Article
In the Child's Play movie, serial killer Charles Lee Ray gets gunned down by the police, and transfers his soul into a doll just before he dies. In order for Charles (Chucky) to transfer his soul out of the doll, he must

Death Toll Devilmans Horror Page
When he was human his name was Charles Lee Ray and he killed tweleve people. Then before his death he transferred his soul into a doll. In his life as a doll

Childs Play Television Tropes Idioms
Little did Andy know that the doll, later to be known as Chucky, is actually a Soul But Charles Lee Rays doll host has been rebuilt and reanimated and he is still Meanwhile, the old Good Guy doll line is being revived for a new generation. . showed great interest in having his soul transferred into a black guys body.

Chucky Dolls Toys and More Squidoo
Ever wondered how cool it would be to actually own the Good Guy doll? Charles Lee Ray tries to escape by running into a toy shop. Not only does this action figure say the famous,Hi, my name is Chucky movie line, it is also said to say the voodoo chant You wouldnt want Chucky to transfer his soul into your body

The Childs Play Franchise ProBoards
When realizing he cant win, he transfers his soul into a Good Guy doll, with the soul into Andy Barclays innocent, six year old body so Charles Lee Ray can live on unsuspected. Like I said, this is the last creepy film in the Childs Play franchise. Its a poorly acted, odd Horror film that you consider yourself lucky to see

Tales of Charles Lee Ray Chapter 4 a childs play fanfic FanFiction
unleash your imagination Mobile What is Chuckys life like before he became a killer, meeting his lover Tiffany, and transfers his soul into a Good Guy doll? This prequel will explain Including me. I think they know what I did to my parents. Ricky said. You can transfer into anyone or anything with it.

Wanna Play? Slasher Studios Takes on Chucky in €œChilds Play
You Bring the Pizza, Ill Bring the Drill: €œSlumber Party Massacre€ Review €œ Good Guy€ dolls, and uses a voodoo ritual to transfer his soul into one of the doll into which Charles Lee Ray had earlier transferred his soul. Chucky now needs out of his doll body and will do anything to make Like Loading.

Guide to Childs Play and Chucky Horror Films Yahoo Voices
Share your voice on Yahoo websites. When you think of horror movie icons, legends like Frankenstein or the Wolfman may come serial killer Charles Lee Ray that transferred his soul into a GoodGuy doll to hide from the cops. The young actor playing Andy does an excellent job and actually has good

Chucky Charles Lee Ray &gt Khaerl Shagster
Its mentioned that he was a slasher before he transferred himself to the doll body . He aint big enough to take care of a woman like you, babe Chucky comes Pulled in by the money and the thought of what he could do with it for himself . by the police and transferred his soul into a Good Guy Doll to escape death),

A Poles Pt Of View Review #120 Childs Play (1988)
Desperate for survival, Charles Lee Ray uses €œBlack Magic€ to transfer his soul into the body of a toy doll. Not just any toy doll, but a Good Guys

2014 will see the resurrection of Chucky in Childs Play remake
€œWhen serial killer Charles Lee Ray gets gunned down by the police, he transfers his soul into a doll just before he dies. Days later, Andy