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When is my belly button piercing going to stop hurting? : You definitely should not go to gymnastics this Saturday because if you do this will cause infection from irritation. It will hurt for a few weeks after you

How to Keep Your Navel Piercing Clean 7 Steps (with Pictures) : Everyone has insecurities about getting their belly button pierced, especially It may hurt a little if the piercing is fairly new, but the pain will wear off in a few

How to Care for a New Navel Piercing 7 Steps (with Pictures) : But once you have it done, you need to know how to care for it to prevent It may still be a little sore because your body is getting used to the metal object in your skin. Just leave it under your top. Ad. 2. 'Steam clean' your belly button.

How long will it hurt after you get your belly button pierced : Don't mess with the piercing a lot just make sure you are to move it just a little so it doesn't stick on the ends It does hurt a little bit after cleaning and it has

Belly button piercing? : Is it normal for slight bruising to be around the piercing? 6. When will it stop hurting? It hurts when I sneeze or laugh, which I expect, but it also

Why does my belly piercing hurt and keep pussing ? : this might be very serious, I was thinking about getting a belly button piercing, but Why does my belly piercing hurt and keep pussing. not too profesional because everytime I go there she is never at work so I never get he

How does it feel to get your belly button pierced Because I : hey chicas i recently got my belly button pierced and it didnt hurt at all . the SAME amount of time to heal so pick which ever one you like best. your belly button so it's air tight and that will reduce any swelling an

What Are The Signs Symptoms of Rejecting Belly Button Rings : When your body rejects a belly button piercing, the jewelry moves to the some steps you can take to prevent your body from rejecting the navel piercing. A Closer Look at Shoulder Pain Nike+ Kinect Review: Susy Sedano

Navel Piercing : Find out about the pros and cons of getting your belly button pierced, the Then there are others who swear that they would never go for it but Do you want everyone to see it or is it a secret that you want to keep to yourself

How Do I Know If My Belly Button Ring Is Infected? : so unless your bellybutton is hurting a lot and is having a lot of puss come out of it I go and buy another one just use salt and hot water and keep an eye on it .x . I have had my belly button pierced for about 4 weeks, it hardly ever bleed

my bellybutton piercing story : My mother finally agreed to let me get my belly button pierced and keep trying to pinch your bellybutton to see if it hurts that much, dont do that because The room was the smallest room I have ever seen before like seriously I dont even

View topic Belly Button Piercing Scar : girl no dont get a belly button ring. i did when i was 16, im now 20 i want If I could go back and do it all over again, I would of never done it. . i had stopped hurting after a while but now it kinda stings a little esp. if i amove

Belly button piercing please help Discussion Board wewomen : How bad does it hurt 2. it getting infected? like if you keep it clean wash it everyday can it stil get infected? Does it hurt alot after you get it (like to sit up stretch etc) If youve ever gotten blood drawn I assure you it hurts way less than that.

Belly Button Piercing Infection : The signs of an infected belly button piercing generally do not go unnoticed. Often when people move the ring, they end up hurting the healing tissue, which I wish I never got it done to be honest and I was looking after

The Body Piercing Experience What to Expect Before During and : Before Having a part of your body pierced is a very unique and personal experience. After the needle is in you, and your wait is over, your piercer will insert one end of your starter . Now I have a nice scar there, it will never go away. I then decided to get my bellybutton pierced about three weeks ago, OMG it hurt so

Healing an infected belly piercing : Getting your belly pierced is a sure shot way of upping your hotness Belly button piercings are becoming very popular with the young, You might notice that your navel feels warm to the touch, may look inflamed and might be sore. Avoid using a cloth instead of cotton balls as cloth can spread the

Top 5 Most Painful Piercings : How you prepare for your piercing is important, also if youre scared or not. which all end at the tip, so its believable that it hurts, and can also cause tiny nerve damage. Now, Ive only had my nose, belly button and cartilage done, so I can say The week after was the worst pain Ive ever felt in my life

Can I keep my belly button ring in during pregnancy? : Do I have to take my belly button ring out now that Im pregnant?

How Do I Treat a Belly Button Infection? (with pictures) : If the infection hurts, warm compresses can be placed on the belly A bacterial infection in the belly button can be caused by a body piercing or by accidentally but thoroughly with a clean towel, never reusing cotton balls or dirty towels. You can prevent a bacterial infections by cleaning the belly button

Belly Button Piercings Pros And Cons · Womens Health articles : You can state your reasons, but avoid getting drawn into an argument An infected piercing hurts, looks red and swollen, can weep, and may