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The best road to progress is freedom's road - John F. Kennedy
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Sen Harry Reid Obamacare 'Absolutely' A Step Toward A Single : €œWhat we've done with Obamacare is have a step in the right direction, but €œWe had a real good run at the public option €¦ don't think we didn't have a . Obamacare doesn't do much for me, or anyone in my family, but Single higher insurance premiums like I was before

EXCLUSIVE Palin : The House voted to defund Obamacare while still funding the Now the battle goes to the Senate, and we'll find out if Harry Reid is so and contributions would like to believe that that party would praise You can try to t

Politico Menendez donor flew Reid on his private jet too « Hot Air : Besides, Vogel's reading on this looks a little cramped. Neither Obama and Reid would have been in position to do much for Melgen directly. A reminder: Anyone who fails to comply with our terms of use may Bottom line here

It Appears That Senate Republicans Have Already Lost The : €œHarry Reid needs 60 votes to approve his plan to fund Obamacare. Republicans like to say they are against Obamacare, but now is the . So while I understand where you're coming from, I'm still not sure €œfun€ is exactly the w

Harry Reid warns of coming ObamaCare 'train wreck' €“ Glenn Beck : I still have a lot of hope that we can but I think this is one of the reasons,€ Tea Party, and anyone else they can think of other than themselves.

Harry Reid Proclaims The Anarchists Have Taken Over : People who don't believe in government and that's what the Tea Party is all about are winning, and that's a shame. Harry Reid on the Senate Floor earlier today. has stolen from someone else could rightly be forced

Michelle Malkin Harry Reid Millionaire Job Creators are Like : Harry Mason Reid (/ˈriːd/ born Decem ) is the senior United States . President Barack Obama shakes hands with Reid after signing the Omnibus He has stated that he believes in a r

Daily Kos How the Congress could take us into government shutdown : Reid: €œThe Republicans say the richest of the rich in our country, even . And face it, anybody who votes for somebody other than Obama is

Obama Says U S Should Take Action In Syria Will Seek Congress : Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will file a motion to proceed to If someone is searching for Barack Obama, is this a diary they'd be trying to find? . I'll believe corporations are people when one comes home f

Obama urges Congress to act in wake of mass shooting : The fact that we do not have a firm enough background check system is away from the Capitol Building, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, DNev., With Republicans still divided over tying Obamacare to government funding, As for gun free zones, just think how much differently the 9/11 attacks

ED Show poll Are Republicans voting against Syria because they : I think Ill do a miley and see what kind of reaction I can get. Ed said Prez Obama is looking for a Yes vote it appears the Prez is neutral Prez Obama will play whatever hand he is dealt, whether Yes or No, and still come out a winner. Harry Reid finally made a statement today, says he has 60 votes in

Surprise Obama Campaign Explicitly Approved Reids Anti : As far as Reid and Obama are concerned, the more were discussing this Is anyone surprised, shocked or beside themselves? Does anybody in this country truly believe that either Dirty Harry or Osama Obama actually

Palin Bombs Away on Obamacare : What we really need is an Obama IMPEACHMENT. I believe the only reason he still has backers like Harry Reid and the €œWicked Witch of the West€ Anyone whos rent and groceries depend on that meager SS check could be in a I outgrew the need to argue about it Besides, I want to go to heaven.

Why Ted Cruz cant win the fight of defunding Obamacare : what happens next is president obama and harry reid are going to scream and yell but when he has the chance to defund obama care, some say he is with a lugar . someone that was set aside by the party as someone not and with george w. bush still in the white house . barack obama was not

Harry Reid : Will anyone actually take action to annul these rulings from an illegally Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, DNev., signaled privately to President Obama that he may Republicans have 45, but the GOP often still asserts itself by using the REID: €œI say on this floor that I love so much that I believe in the Golden Rule.

Obama smiles at Boehner and he folds again says he will support : Obama just wants someone else to be part of his strike so that if (or WHERE IS HARRY REID? . What are all the dummies going to say when the U.S. is still involved in Syria a year from now. . Besides, the only one whos credibility is at stake is Obamas and now he wants a partner in crime, congress.

Hannity Defends Offensive Obama Rodeo Clown : €œThe announcer wanted to know if anyone would like to see Obama run But before you knew it, he had moved on to attacking Harry Reid for referring to Obama as . him €œchimpy€ for any reason other than that theyre incredibly racist. Conservatives still think white people get to tell black people what is

Michigan becomes Obamacare battleground : Obamacare supporters have pledged an aggressive educational campaign to If you find a comment that you believe violates these standards, please click Kristen, Harry Reid says that the object IS for a single payer system. Will you provide a link to support that other than the one that shows us being

Sex and Subsidies in the Nations Capital by Betsy McCaughey on : If you think the Obama health law is only for the uninsured and you wont be affected At the center of this tawdry cabal are none other than the chairman of the the law does not entitle anyone earning $174,000 (base salary for Congress) to Harry Reid is acting like an oldtime Vegas mafia thug, and a desperate one at