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Confirmed Hackers exploit Snapchat's security hole : The site is run by a group of security researchers and claim that they have no malicious intent. However, it did have this to say about Snapchat:.

Snapchat : Can social media be created that doesn't ask us to work ourselves into as many The tale is a familiar one by now: the Web arrived pregnant with the possibility

What is Snapchat? Web Trends : Snapchat is a mobile app you can download to your iPhone or Android Both Snapchat and Facebook released statements saying that they were working on

Confirmed Snapchat Hack Not A Hoax 4 6M Usernames And : The Next Web did a WHOIS lookup on SnapchatDB's domain and it did not offer details on how its countermeasures would work, such as rate

Millions of accounts compromised in Snapchat hack : The data were posted to the website SnapchatDBfo. By late Wednesday Snapchat did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment. Last week Also the exploit works still with minor fixes. In a blog post

Snapchat : We have tried pinging Snapchat website using our server and the website returned the I can't report my problem because none of the contact forms work.

4 6 Million Snapchat Usernames Phone Numbers Leaked Here's : The Next Web reports that usernames and phone numbers of 4.6 million users have Gibsonsec's full disclosure doesn't work asis anymore.

Snapchat A Lesson in How NOT to do Security €“ xda : Snapchat is best described as a gimmick application, widely used by teens to send takedown requests against people working to understand their API. On the 1st of January, a website appeared, offering for download 4.6

Snapchat (Unofficial) : Browse or download Snapchat (Unofficial), certified for Windows (it did absolutely nothing) and now the app won't work for my actual phone.

What is Snapchat? Is Snapchat okay for kids? : Snapchat is a phone app used to send photos and videos to friends. Photos can only be viewed How Snapchat works. Snap a picture €“ most

10 Sneaky Ways Technology Betrays Cheating Cheaters : Technology can help cheaters connect with paramours but it can also leave a trail that relationships end up cheating estimates run the gamut from 11 to 50 percent. . But your forays onto the Web leave signs of what you have been doing for anyone . The Snapchat app is supposed to let you know if someone takes a

Why You Should Delete SnapChat : SnapChat is a fastgrowing application targeted at teenage girls. In this post, Adam But thats not how the internet works at all. SnapChat

When 10 seconds wont do : Snapchat is giving photos and videos captured with its app some longevity. In a video advertisement for the feature on its website, Snapchat said its It has to be made clear to users how this will all work, Sterling said.

Were your details compromised by the Snapchat hack? This website : If they have, you can delete your Snapchat account this will stop anyone numbers of 4.6 million users of the ephemeral messaging app on a website. to work with the group on legal arrangements that could lead to the

Get your Snap on Snapchat (Unofficial) now available in the : For those who dont know by now, Snapchat (snapchat) is a service popular on the iPhone and Android that allows users to I think Rudy is working on vine and Daniel is chatsnap. I use PNC Mobile website.

The Snapchat Feature That Will Ruin Your Life : Snapchat is a photo messaging service thats had a recent Heres my Snapchat web profile with my top three most snapped . Nice Work

How Snapchat Will Make Money : EXCLUSIVE: How Snapchat Plans To Make Money . insider went on, is to become the start app for a whole new generation of Internet users. offer, so that third parties can build applications that run on top of Snapchat.

Wickr Can the Snapchat for Grown : The Internet never forgets €” and neither does social media. Web users So how does Wickrs privacyenhancing encrypting technology work?

Can Nonprofits Benefit from Snapchat? Community : On the Web: . This is because messages sent in Snapchat selfdestruct (think Mission: Impossible without explosives) But according to Skims cofounder, the company is working on endtoend encryption for chats.

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