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New footage of PokÃmon X and Y shown on PokÃmon Smash : The Pokà mon X and Y games have a new Fisherman that looks different from the previous games. When the fishing rod is cast while fishing,

Y Owners FOUND where Skrelp is Fishing in Route 8 : For Pokemon X on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Y Owners Y Owners How do you have a fishing rod already?

PokÃmon X PokÃmon Y Fishing Surf Confirmed : Pokà mon X, Pokà mon Y: Fishing, Surf Confirmed. By Kevin On 20 July 2013 In 3DS News &middot Pokà mon X, Pokà mon Y. Grab your Fishing Rod, get ready to surf

Pokemon X and Y new wild Pokemon with fishing : Pokemon X and Y New Wild Battle Gameplay:Fishing and Surfing How to Cast a Spinning Rod Distance Accuracyby Charlie Beadon

New PokÃmon X and PokÃmon Y Fishing 3DS Gameplay : Pokemon X and Y just got a little bit more exciting, as we can now confirm another brand new feature to the game. After the reveals for sky

Pokemon X Y Page 114 : More gameplay footage of Pokà mon X and Pokà mon Y was shown of fishing sequences and a tricky Pokà mon battle to wrap things off.

Pokemon X/Y Page 134 : Yeah I agree it just doesn't seem right not being able to fish in a pokemon game, I hope they bring back the Fishing Rods in X and Y. So today I

Well looks like Pokemon X and Y is now basically out in the UK : Me 'n Nick are gettin' both, so if Assasin got Y, everythin' Join Date: Jan 2009 Location: Kanto, Vermilion City's port, fishing rod in hand.

In Pokemon Platinum where can I find a fishing rod? : Well, looks like Pokemon X and Y is now basically out in the UK posted in Watch out for my fishing rod, i amight give you a wedgie.

PokÃmon X and Y Discussion : Your sole Pokemon is a Surfing Smeargle and you delete Surf while standing on a grassless island without any fishing rods yet. Time to delete

Where can you find water type Pokemon the Black without a fishing : Where can you find a fishing rod in Pokemon black? After you beat the How do you get a water Pokemon without surf and a fishing rod? the weeds and after a

pokemon x and y count down Pokemon : pokemon x and y count down posted in Pokemon: Hey guys we all know about the Watch out for my fishing rod, i amight give you a wedgie.

Key Items Pokemon Y Wiki Guide : Key Items that can be found in every Pokemon game are Fishing Rods, the Bicycle, Come back later for more info on Key Items in X and Y.

Pokemon X and Y game coming to the Nintendo 3DS in October 2013 : After watching the trailer video for pokemon X and Y game coming for the Water type pokemons can easily be acquire with a fishing rod.

Nintendo Pokemon X and Y : *Fishing rod* Screaaaam Now to my thoughts the And lets not forget Mewtwo is the Genetic Pokà mon, X and Y is the chromosome

pokemon facts on Tumblr : Find and follow posts tagged pokemon facts on Tumblr.

Item Listing PokeAmph : PokeAmph YouTube PokeAmph Twitter. Games. X Y.

Oh A bite It got away : Pokà mon X and Y release worldwide on October 12, and well be counting down To usually catch a Pokà mon with the fishing rod, youll have to press the A

3DS Feature Pokemon Of The Week : With 650 Pokemon to choose from, plus more from Pokemon X and Y you might have expected fans to choose one of the best legendary Pokemon or perhaps the Also, its the first pokà mon you ever catch by a fishing rod.

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