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[1 7 4] Ten Good Seeds Minecraft : you just posted a bunch of screenshots from AMIDST. What makes these seeds good? I don't see any really good positioning of biomes (the

Seeds : the minecraft seed vault last post by pokoalor. pokoalor 05 Jan 1.7.4 Great MESA seed, with Bryce biomes last post by ScarecrowBTE.

Planet Minecraft € View topic : Minecraft 1.7.4: Best Seed Ever . Minecraft Top 5 Seeds 1.7 Minecraft Seeds 1.7 2013 Minecraft AMAZING WORLD Seeds Minecraft

Minecraft Seeds : Minecraft 1.7.4 Seed Spotlight BIG VILLAGES, TEMPLES, AMAZING LOOTS # Title: Minecraft 1.7 Seed Spotlight BEST SEED EVER Runtime: 6:21 URL

Minecraft Seeds Review : Labels: 1.7, abandoned mine, animals near spawn some, great scenery A good seed for checking out some of the new features of minecraft

Minecraft What are some awesome seeds for 1 7 4 : I was planning on starting an ultimate survival world, and a good startoff is a great seed.

Minecraft 1 7 4 Resource Packs : Home &gt Tag Archives: Minecraft 1.7.4 Resource Packs Equanimity Resource Pack There are very few Minecraft resource packs which do a good job of dealing with the plain old ugly look of the Friends Minecraft Seeds.

Visitor Submitted Seeds : If theyre great your seeds could be reviewed and featured in a front page post 1.7.4 superflat world will spawn you in a default world but if you turnaround you

Are there any jungle biomes in Minecraft 1 7 2/1 7 4? : Vote for Best Answer I play minecraft. Rate Also, you could try looking up seeds with jungles for 1.7.4, Im sure theres some out there.

HerrSommer A Christmas Carol Resource Pack 1 7 4 : Textures by themselves have a pretty HD resolution, 64x, but if really this is not so important. For this holiday, this textures will suit you the best

Minecraft : MinecraftSeeds/ is dedicated to delivering the best Minecraft seeds to 4156431909552281931 minecraft superflat seed in 1.7.4 you will spawn in a

server properties : As of 1.7.4, these are the default settings for a newly installed Minecraft enable rcon=false levelseed= forcegamemode=false serverip=

MINECRAFT SURVIVAL ISLAND SEED 1 5 1/1 5 2 : The ultimate SURVIVAL ISLAND seed including: Only one tree An easy to find dungeon Many natural resources Minecraft 1.7.4/1.7.2 Minecraft Seeds J 1466 Views Also keep your diary (1.3 challenge) and your best stuff.