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New Assessment : The new assessment is a steppingstone to a brighter future. On Janu , GED Testing Service will unveil a new assessment in all jurisdictions the American Council on Education and may not be used or reproduced without express

2014 GED Test FAQs : Bloom's Taxonomy is not being used as a framework for the 2014 GED test, Does the Item Samplers have new questions or are they updates of the . not a predictor of how someone will perform on the operational GED test on computer .

New GED test launching in 2014 expected to be tougher : The General Educational Development exam is being revamped for 2014, with After taking the test, I feel like I'm ready to go to college and not have to start at

Getting A GED Will Be Harder In 2014 : The GED test is changing as of January 2014, said Pat Thomas, the haven't completed it by November 2013, you'll have to start the whole thing over €œI firmly believe that anyone who can pass today's test can pass the new one,€ she said.

New GED test coming in 2014 : In 2014, GED testing as we know it will cease. The cost of the new test could as much as triple, but that price has yet to be determined. €œMy best advice for anyone considering obtaining the GED is to go ahead and enroll in GED

GED Test Overhauled Some States Opt for New Exam : The advent of new tests has sent thousands of test takers rushing to complete sections of For example, he said, he wonders what will happen to someone who partially More than 700,000 people took the GED test in 2012.

VDOE GED (General Education Development) : Starting Janu , GED test takers who earned a credential before 2014 When the new test launches in 2014, anyone with an incomplete or nonpass GED GED testing to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to complete the test Af

Students Hurry to Finish GED Test Before It Changes in 2014 : The new test will be used starting on Janu . I was just everyone elsa i though the GED test was going to be hard i been out Thorough out the years I have taken GED classes quit them so I could work full time.

GED will be more difficult offered only on computers starting : One goal has driven Adriane Takeall for the last three years: earning GED will be more difficult, offered only on computers starting January 2014 New GED students took a computerbased test this week, but some had a

New GED test ready for 2014 rollout Times : That means that anyone who has started working through the The version used now will be replaced nationally with a new GED test on Jan.

New GED test ready for 2014 rollout Times : That means that anyone who has started working through the The version used now will be replaced nationally with a new GED test on Jan.

New 2014 GED TEST : There are four levels of DOK, GED 2014 test will require students to utilize three of the neW test will be administered in January 2014. More rigorous content of the American Council on Education and may not be used without permission.

New GED test Revamped GED test launches in 2014 : The new version will cost more than double the old test and is only offered on the computer. Its hard taking care of yourself, let alone coming up with extra money to Some states have dropped the GED tests altogether.

General Educational Development (GED) UPDATES : Starting January 2014, New York State will replace the GED exam and use the that anyone who has taken and passed parts of the GED test should make the

New GED exam deadline brings about a year : The education level completed among test takers has hovered around 10th grade. In 2012, men took more GED tests than women, accounting for 55.7 said, €œand started orientation on the 2014 test for anyone who wasnt.

GED Test Will Change In 2014 : All five parts of the test do not have to be taken at once. But under a new GED test system, to take effect in January 2014, the clock is Anyone who hasnt passed all five GED subject areas in the current version of the test

GED Exam to Get Facelift in 2014 : Since its inception in 1942, when it was used to demonstrate high school The new GED 21st Century Initiative will have two levels of

The New Computer : Updated Ap . There has been a lot of talk in recent years about whether or not a person could take the GED test online. The official test is not available

2014 GED changes set clock ticking for current students : A new GED the path to high school equivalency credentials for those It would be discouraging for someone who has taken a few sections of

Cook County GED Testing Program Home Page : Starting in 2014, there will be a new GED test. Finish the test now so you won t have to retake the parts youve already passed. The last day for taking the 2002 Series GED Paper Based tests for FIRST TIME testtakers is 11/16/2013. and anyone who might be interested in information in regards to the GED and