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Anyone had a spirit whisper in your ear at night? : Sometimes, when I try to sleep, I pick on conversations in my head. . if anyone has experienced something whispering in there ear in the
Have you ever tried to whisper subliminal messages into your : Have you ever tried to whisper subliminal messages into your lmao yes n i think its hilarious when they respond in their sleep XD. reply.
Becoming Lucid from a whisper in the ear : a few nights ago I was sharing my bed with my girlfriend and I dreamt that i was with an old boyfriend of mine Then all of a sudden i wake up.
What Is Sleep Paralysis? : Sleep paralysis occurs most often when people sleep on their backs and, Has anyone else ever had the feeling of convulsing during the
Being Held Down In My Sleep ? : I looked it up and there is a disorder called sleep paralysis it says that when we can anybody help me with this or has anyone had the same thing happen to
I hear whispers during sleep paralysis And it happens ever : But everytime I can feel the tickle of his whisper in my ear. Sleep paralysis occurs when the brain awakes from a REM state, but the body
Paranormal or Sleep Paralysis? : My sister has had this happen to her only 2 times but i have had it happen since i can remeber. It happens both when I am falling asleep or waking from sleep.
If you whisper things into a sleeping person's ear can you affect ther : I did it to my exgirlfriend, I wont tell you what I whispered in her ear, but MAN I wish i had never done that she left me the next morning for the
Has Anyone Ever Heard Someone Whisper Your Name? : Has anyone else ever heard a whisper of their name? . I've had this experience when I was lying in bed going to sleep, wheather it was
Sleep paralysis : Some people have sleep paralysis once or twice in their life, while others experience it a few times a month or more regularly. Read about the symptoms of sleep
Sleep Paralysis : In what is a fairly common condition, sleep paralysis experiences tend to be similar my dad had smeone whisper in his ear while he was sleeping, lol, I freaked
Whispers And Breathing In My Ear : Since the time I turned 13yearsold, I hear voices in my ear at night. They seem to be whispering into my ear. There was this one night where I
Sleep Paralysis €“ Night Demons : Studies suggest that people experience sleep paralysis at least once or twice in their lives. Has this ever happened to you? What is your stance, scientific
Dreams When people whisper in your ear : Does anyone here have any experience with dreams and psychic communication during sleep? In the past few months I have had three
Hearing whispering while nobody is there : I have been hearing whispering sonce a week especially at night time when i am going to sleep or halfway sleep. Sometimes it wakes me up.
Sleep Paralysis experience where a girl whispering in my ear in a : I have had several experiences with sleep paralysi€¦
Scary Whisper in my ear Spiritualism Mediumship : Scary Whisper in my ear posted in Spiritualism Mediumship: In 2005 I was asleep and woke up because I heard a voice near my right ear.
10 Bizarre Things People Have Done In Their Sleep : Youve heard of people talking in their sleep? Technically thats called somniloquy, and while most of us have propbably heard someone
Sleep Paralysis What it is and How to Avoid it : In essence, sleep paralysis occurs when your mind and your body dont . Just wait i jave have had it and seen someone in my room my two
Paralyzed while sleeping Sleep Disorders : I hope your nights sleep is better than mine tonight. . I have had the same thing for many yrs now and when it happens i fight to say the name
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