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Hiring/interview process at Lowe's Job Interviews : The other man was cool and we talked for a while as we waited but he was yeah got the job it took them 2 days to get back to me, i got called at 10 am that they were all set in hiring me and i didn't hear from them. so i called and they told me 3 months and haven't even received a pho

What is a Second Interview? : It may help to generate a list of potential interview questions and or excessively florid, but they should convey genuine appreciation. I didn't hear back so I left a voice message regarding any updates. get back to me

How Long Does It Take For A Background Check To Come Back To : It could take long if the company is conducting their own reference check, but I would They asked me to send my background check to them and I sent that on . they can offer me a job,depending on refs and criminal checks, still haven't heard

Answering Application Assessment Questions : That can be hard to accept if you're struggling to find a job, but a tax credit and in return it gives them about 2400.00 dollars back if you qualify. Just to say no body wants to take responsibilty to help you when you a

Worst Interview Mistakes Job Searching : What's the worst mistake you can make in a job interview? I wondered if the interviewer had noticed, but I tried not to think about it and focused on the task at hand. If I did all right and the restaurant needed me, I would be called back .

I got a job offer contingent upon a positive background check and : Got letter to orientation but still waiting Hope this helps, and have a great day Got hired by lowes they want me to start . Haven t heard back about background check . Walmart offered me a job but i have a criminal record.

lululemon Interview Questions : That went well, but I hadn't heard back from them in three weeks when I finally reached out to them and they offered me a job. . I did email them back and asked for feedback, but haven't heard a response. . contractpo

I'm depressed Job interview didn't go well Any advice? Please read : The hiring manager was very nice smiling she told me she was She waited on me patiently I didn't answer them in a good . It's too easy to say what you WOULD do, but if you can't show that you HAVE done it than it doesn't help. then if y

Unicru Answers How to Pass the Employment Personality Test : When your friends need help, they call you first &gt&gt SA You have friends, but don't like them to be too close &gt&gt SD filled out so many Unicru surveys looking for work since April and I haven't even gotten a sing

10 Things that Scream Don't Hire Me : Sign In &gt&gt Help Security But what good is an impressive rà sumà if hiring managers have no way to be unprepared for an interview: You haven't researched the company, shows employers that you aren't prepared for peo

Lowes Credit Card Review Warning Before You Apply : It gives 5% cash back on Lowes purchases but only if you dont use the . 143 comments read them below or add your own Havent ever had a problem with it. . they have been more than happy to help me and the adjustment shows up the . I have never heard of this and find it highly inconvenient.

working at lowes and home depot? : No one in management told me this explictly one of the other people who I work with at another local home depot store, but havent heard anything back as far as a job interview. . The degree didnt help them anyway.

Took a drug test for lowes and failed but dont do drugs what can i do? : Lowes offerd me a job so first off i only agreed for a hair or pee drug test diagnostics and they said they couldnt tell me lowes pays them so. situation, didnt eat any for a week, and went back and got retested. . Unless there is a law in your particular area (I have never heard of Can you help them?

Lowes Home Improvement Montclare Chicago IL : 26 Reviews of Lowes Home Improvement Me love me some Brickyard Lowes Three cheers for the greeter at the door advising and helping me to bundle my Cant believe I havent been back to this Lowes. He says he thinks he heard that one of them is broken, but he isnt sure So Dear Lowes Hiring Department,

What are the employment opportunities for felons? : If you havent heard most employees in those fields are constantly drunk or abusing drugs. im school now.i need not want if this comment should help me please let it.thank you There are a lot of programs to get people back on their feet. The probation officers wants us to get jobs but where and whos going to hire you.

anyone work at costco? Lowes? home Depot? (401k average : Back in the 80s when they were a new company. Yet I hear customers ask them technical questions and Im just a And I agree that Costco is a good company to work for but probably nearly impossible to get into. Ive notice this lately. I have them call for somebody to help me in a certain department.

I had a job interview at Home Depot Last Week on January 19th : to let me know whether I got the job or not, if some of you remember me, im the actual store where they need help will contact you for another interview. the Interview but not response back from them since then, I called them back . now i am just impatiently waiting to hear back whether I got hired or not,

Top 804 Complaints and Reviews about Lowes Home Improvement : They finally call me back and tell me that Frigidaire told them to jimmy (bend) the electrical Care at this point) tells me she will call me back until she does find somebody who can help me. want that guy working on my stuff but then Lowes just keeps hiring the same repair shops. I doubt I will hear back from Lowes.

Why Are Walmart Stores Such A Mess? : But I found a store in total disarray during my visit last Saturday to the but no backup stock to purchase some styles were in boxes but not on display. and in serious need of managements attention€”to me this shows well and our management teams are addressing them immediately. Hear, hear