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What are the signs of mites or lice and how do I treat my birds if they : If you have mites or lice, you will need to treat your birds. This sounds sort of terrifying, but think of it like a flea dip for birds. For a nonchemical solution, Diatomaceous Earth can help prevent and treat some types of mites and lice, however it

Bird HelpLine Questions Answers €” Bird HotLine : My birds enjoy a piece of popcorn once in a while this helps you because maybe I think he's young he has stripes on his forehead that are just now starting to go away. You need to get him to a bird vet to be sure he does not have mites or

Mite : Shirley has been battling a bird mite infection for some time now, and now would like I recently also found that my other pet bird, a lovebird, has the same symptoms. They will smell funny for a few days, but it seems to help a lot. Th

Getting rid of bird mites : Ask any exterminator how to get rid of bird mites and they'll give you some pretty good advice. Well I'm happy to say that this can and does work if you catch it quick enough Laundering any bedding or curtains helps out greatly and make su

Love My Lovebird : I feel this is the best time for me to get a lovebird because I have a lot of free time since I only plan on getting one and I don't want my roommates to get overly Hey folks, I have a few questions maybe you can help me wit

My parakeet has mites? : My parakeet has mites. what should I buy to get ri€¦ My parakeet has been plucking his feathers a lot and he is not molting yet. I'm sure my budgie will feel better soon. As for the feather plucking, your avian vet can help you determine

How to Get Rid of Bird Mites in the Home : We're here to help. MF 9am5pm EST. If you feel activity on your skin, very gently lay the tape on the area and lift. Mites can usually be After bird mites have been properly identified the treatment process can be begin. Find the source

Birds More : Birds More is dedicated to helping the bird owner have a happy and healthy exotic pet bird I think we have that under control now .but my main concern is this. . A: You can test to see if he has anything like mites by putting a whit

Mites Parrot Forum : I was going to buy spray, but my Petco was out of it. 5 parakeets, and Elbee, the lovebird. If your babies have mites, then it's more than likely the other birds too try SCATT or S76,as well, but personally I think A.I.L. is more effect

Something's wrong with my 5 yr old male : Hello, my male peachfaced child substitute is going through something They examined him and said they didn't see any mites. Other than what else has already been recommended, I don't know what else I could say to help. . Birds can have

Bird Mite Forum : Im hoping if I put all my stuff in storage and start fresh it would help a lot. These bugs have taken over my life of late. I feel like Im trapped in a nightmare. I have

Lovebird is losing feathers and started plucking : I keep the house above 70 degrees for the birds so I dont think he is cold. I have looked for mites with a magnifying glass, but havent seen any. my lovebird seems to be suffering from the sam thing michels has. antifungals, and some good creams (nonoil) to help him along and help him from getting further infections

Lovebird Lane FAQs : My lovebird has a very bad feather plucking problem the vet tested for mites then put a You mentioned that the vet tested for mites, did he/she also test for illnesses? It sounds like you are trying everything you can think of, so I will give you a few suggestions Sometimes new toys will help that are good for plucking.

How Do I Know If My Bird Has Mites? : Always take care when introducing a new bird into a household with an existing bird. Exceptionally contagious, the mites can quickly spread from bird to bird.

Testimonials : My lovebird, Peaches, has been suffering for almost a year with feather Last week, I noticed his beak was looking bad againand thinking I should go to the This healing Soother Plus cream is the best for helping my guinea pig with bumblefoot. They all had walking dander mites and as soon as I started using Soother

The Complexity and Frustration of Pet Bird Feather Picking : Find out how to help stop a bird from plucking its feathers. My bird gets enough the rest of the year. Pet Bird Species That Have Feather Damaging Behavior African grey parrots, lovebirds and parrotlets seem particularly predisposed to this . A parrot can get really upset if it thinks its owner is its mate and then that

Vet Questions Answers : Q: I have a lovebird that is about 1 1/2 years old and for about a week he has been This will help with you management questions as well as health concerns . . My suggestion is if the cysts are something you vet thinks should and can be removed, . A: Epidermoptids mites are burrowing mites which cause crusting and

My lovebird is losing her feathers shes been listless including : My lovebird is losing her feathers, shes been listless including no chirping, We thought she had mites so we used the mite spray as directed. Please help . you can try to get an answer from sites that say they have various specialists on