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How to Get a Shiny Pokemon In Pokemon X and Y : With the help of the Masuda method, the chances of breeding a shiny Pokemon in Generation IV were increased by 5. By the next iteration, that success rate had

Masuda method Bulbapedia the community : Leave a LIKE if this helps Subscribe for more Pokemon X and Y WiFi battles Watch me get Shiny Mega How to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y ( Horde, Friend Safari, and Masuda Method). mulvone19795 videos

Shiny chances in Pokemon X and Y : The new Generation VI games, X and Y, are out now Also, head over to our partner Zelda Wiki to help out with the release of A Link Between The Masuda method involves breeding two Pokà mon created in games of different countries.

Masuda Method Discussion thread (ooooh shinies) : So i wondered if the chance of finding a shiny in pokemon x and y was The Masuda Method means you take a foreign Pokemon and breed it

Masuda method Random Shiny rate : Here is a quick explanation on what the Masuda Method is and how it works: Ever since . I tossed that in, but this topic is mainly for X Y so I didn't really want to get too into it. =P Fixed up the Really, REEAAALLLY helps.

Question on Masuda Method for Pokemon X and Y : I didn't see anything regarding this but are they accounting for the source of the pokemon? Meaning, was it chained? masuda method?

Masuda Method still works Y Only took 45 tries pokemon : I just have a bit of a question as to getting the masuda method to work. I understand that you need 2 pokemon from different countries, but does

PokÃmon X and Y Tricks for Finding Shiny Pokemon [Video] : Check out the X and Y Guide Megathread via the Global Trade System, it quickly became the Masuda Method to getting shiny pokemon.

The Masuda Method Still Works in Pokemon XY : This article will go over some methods and tricks that will help you find shiny Pokà mon in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Masuda Method.

Pokemon Masuda Method Breeding Help? Pokemon X and Y game? : 1000 eggs? I think thats a bit of an exaggeration. Normally it can take a few hundred eggs to hatch a shiny using the Masuda Method, but its mainly

masuda method on Tumblr : Find and follow posts tagged masuda method on Tumblr.

Pokemon X And Y Shiny The Masuda Method And Is It Still Special : Pokemon X and Y have been released, and discussions about shiny Pokemon continues, both positive and negative.

Masuda Method question gen 6? : I am playing Pokemon Y in English language on my Japanese game 3ds to my Japanese Pokemon game would the masuda method work in this case. of X and Y and I think I can safely confirm that the Pokemon have to be regionlocked from differentlanguage cartridges. Masuda Method Help ?

Masuda method is taking ages is this normal please help : For Pokemon Y on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Masuda method is taking ages is this normal please help. kotaku/pokemonx andycommunitysolvesshinyhatchingandcro1466190792.

Shiny rate for Masuda Method? : For Pokemon X on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Shiny rate for Masuda Method?. So I assume the Masuda Method has a different rating than before. Im not looking for help, Im complaining. Nintendo unveils subscriptionbased Pokemon X and Y cloud storage &middot Pokemon X Y

PokÃmon X and Y How to catch a shiny PokÃmon : Concerning Pokà mon X and Y, rumors have been circulating that the shiny Using the Masuda Method, though, increases the probability.

Has anybody gotten a Masuda Method Shiny yet? : So, quick question, has anybody tried the Masuda Method in Pokemon X/Y and obtained a Shiny yet? And how many eggs did it take for you to

Pokemon X and Y shiny Mega Mawile with Masuda method : After giving you a treat earlier this week with a full completed Pokemon X and Y Pokedex, we now switch our attention back to shiny Pokemon.