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Pros and cons of a septum piercing : I'm thinking about getting my septum pierced, and I'm wondering if people have any positive or I know it's going to hurt, but just *how* bad?
getting my septum pierced : this is what getting your septum pierced SHOULD be like. not too low and straight. it shouldn't really hurt. watching other septum piercings on
Me getting my septum pierced : 5.06.2010 It hurt me some but it is worth it. I did have to take it out the next day. It was pierced way crooked and too far forward, and I wasn't
How to Get a Septum (Nose Cartilage Wall) Piercing 9 Steps : How to Get a Septum (Nose Cartilage Wall) Piercing. You must also keep in mind that your septum's anatomy may not allow for it to appear straight, the thin
Does Getting Your Septum Pierced Hurt? : Septum piercing does not hurt, only a little piercing that can make the eyes cry. The eyes only water up How bad does your septum hurt to get pierced?
On a scale of 1 : Honestly, it depends on whether or not they go through the cartilage. If they just go through skin, it's about as bad as getting an ear pierced
When you get your septum pierced How much does it hurt? D : On Thursday im getting my septum pierced, i wanted to know how much it hurt? ? D: If that stuff gets inside the piercing it hurts soo bad.
Does it hurt to have your septum pierced? : Everyone's pain tolerance is different and everyone's experience getting pierced is going to be different. There's no telling how bad it will hurt
Experiences of Septum Piercings on Women : Then she did my septum. I was really scared to get it done, I didn't know how bad it would hurt She told me it felt like getting your nostril pierced
How bad does getting your septum pierced hurt? : Some say it hurt a lot and some say it doesn't hurt at all. I've personally never had mine pierced, but I've heard you can feel the pressure of them
How much does it hurt to get your septum pierced? : Im gonna get my septum pierced on Saturday, and Im not sure what to expect. If someone could just give me what the pain is equal to or like on
septum : I got my septum pierced by a piercer who Ive gotten many of my piercings done who claim that getting your septum pierced didnt hurt at all are either freaks,
Does Getting Your Septum Pierced Hurt? : It does hurt, but not as bad as Id expected it to.its definatlly worth the pain though Theyre I got my septum pierced in a public restroom with a sewing needle
How much does it hurt getting your septum pierced? : okay, so i have my tongue, lip and my lobes pierced and as for my pain with this info, how much do you think a septum would hurt me?
How bad does your septum hurt to get pierced : Tons of people say its one of the worse I got mine pierced a few years ago and had to take it out because I play softball and I catch It felt more like a pinch
Septum Piercing HOW bad is the pain Full detail Page 1 on 43 : I am a 33 year old Lawyer. I got this peircing because I can hide it on the job. It hurt really bad. It got infected but my piercer told me to use
SEPTUM FAQ : Doesnt that really hurt? Not if its done right. A properly placed septum piercing will be through only a thin, soft piece of skin towards the tip of your nose.
Pain level of a septum piercing? piercing : I am considering getting my septum pierced. (I already have an to /r/piercing. use the following search parameters to narrow your results:.
Septum Piercings : A septum piercing, however, does not penetrate the cartilage but the softer space you may want to avoid getting your septum pierced near or during that time.
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