Dems look to new Colorado voting law to save Senate : New mailin ballot law could benefit Dems' turnout drive, embattled Sen. Mark Udall and These Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014 photos show U.S. Rep.

Huckabee : visit foxnews/yourmoney and take a look at some of the interactive taxpayer calculators. You can also vote whether you approve of these programs or not

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace : FNC Sunday cable political talk show offers its transcripts and guest list.

On the Record with Greta Van Susteren : Greta's 'Off the Record' Commentary: New White House Barricade Says a Lot About the Secret Service Show your support with our new desktop wallpaper.

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Hannity : An unflinching look at nineteenth and twentiethcentury African American Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose from Defeat to Create the New Majority.

Fox Friends : Fox Friends &middot Home &middot Videos &middot Blog &middot Concert Series &middot As Seen On &middot After the Show Show New details emerge in the brutal murder of two California deputies .

Stossel Show with John Stossel : The Constitution. WE THE PEOPLE Sunday at 10PM ET on Fox News I become a Founder to ask: Does anyone care about the Constitution? Octo

Christie to appear on Fox News Sunday News : Governor Christie is set to be on Fox New Sunday with host Chris on a Sunday morning news show since he won a second term last year.

Gov Christie to appear on Fox News Sunday : Gov. Chris Christie is making his first Sunday show appearance in almost a year.