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Sun Conure FAQs
Their sleep environment should be dark and quiet. Q. How loud is a Q. I put toys in my conure's cage, but s/he destroys them. Are there toys The cost of keeping a sun conure is similar to the costs associated with other parrots. With routine&nbsp

How can I keep my Sun Conure to stop making so much noise?
My sun Conure is 5 months old. Whenever I leave the room, he screams and doesn't stop. I have told him stop, no, quiet and shhhh. Nothing&nbsp

For The Birds View topic
This sun conure is absolutely beautiful, affectionate, etc. etc. but he constantly squawks. I can't keep him on my shoulder 247. Hubs is now telling me that he's put up with the noise for 8 months in hopes that he the original owner (who

My Bird With Her Noisy Attitude
When she starts constantly squawking I tell her to be quiet and she doesn't so I One day when I walked over to the store I saw a picture of a Sun Conure and Also remember you mat want him/her to talk so vocals are important, j

Screaming Sun Conure is driving my husband crazy
At that time the sun conure started screaming constantly and I What seems to help, is tell them why i am leaving and that I will be right back. . These are Pepper's favorite foraging toys and can keep him busy and quiet fo

Sun Conures Common Problems and Solutions to Them
If Your Sun Conure Bites or Screams we Feel Your Pain. We Offer Simple Solutions to Help Stop These Problems. Fear? Imagine being a little bitty bird with your natural instincts telling you that dangers are all around you. cage or movin

My almost 2 year old sun conure has been screaming non stop
My almost 2 year old sun conure has been screaming non stop anywhere I put him he is upset. I take him out to play and he is quiet but&nbsp

Good Bird Conures All About Conures
How to Keep Your Conure Quiet Some of the Time You can make these things in advance and offer them to your bird at the same time each day. as more song titles are available€”your sun conure might like playing €œYou are my sunshine.

Sun Conure Training Info
His eyecatching golden plumage makes him one of the most popular It is a highpitched scream that lets everyone know a sun conure is in the house. . i first got him, but he's slowly become more and more quiet as time goes .

PetSmart Sun Conure customer reviews product reviews
PetSmart product reviews and customer ratings for Sun Conure. Read and I tried holding him in the store twice and he attacked my hands. I bought him&nbsp
My noisy Sun Conure help needed please
Im going to make one last try to keep him, but I need some help. I have a 8 month old Sun Conure that I bought from a pet store around 5 months ago. I really dont . Do NOT go back into the room to tell him to be quiet.

Have a pair of breeding Sun Conures and NEED HELP Breeder
I also have been keeping my curtains open but closing them if he squeals, them alone and they are in a fairly quiet room with just my other sun conure. . So do NOT let anyone tell you that because they are breeders they&nbsp

About Sun Conure Training Temperament Characteristics
The Sun Conure, also known as the Sun Parakeet is considered to be one of the most beautiful birds in the Train Your Conure To Obey You, Stop Him From

How to Bond With a Sun Conure
The sun conure can be a loving, comical and devoted companion, but Give the bird a safe, quiet space to live in and time to settle in. Try to keep your hand in place, and try not to react to the bite. Once he succeeds at stepping up, give him a treat and cheerful . How to Tell the Age of a Sun Conure.

Sun Conure Addition
To the point where even though she sells the birds she wont keep them in the shop. My mom has a 20 year old sun conure and I can clearly tell you that when he calls his flock or wants attention, the screaming I have a quiet Sun Conure.

Parrot Kingdom
Please do your research before bringing them to your home. They need real 10 They ar extremely social animals keeping two sun conures is a must. No matter how However, they are quiet down to completely quiet when you are there.

My Baby Sun Conure
This is my baby Sun Conure. We got him yesterday, he is twelve weeks old, and he hatched on October 1st. We arent sure whether it is a girl or&nbsp

Sun Conure [Archive]
I dont have a sun conure but a few of my friends do:) However to take to the vet . Just keep in mind the cons on getting a sun conure. While with sun conures they may get even louder once you tell them to be quiet :XD:

Who Has A Sun Conure
OK So my parents said for my 13 bday on November 27 i can get a sun conure and the cage i have for my conure Im going to get soon tell me if it is a nice cage The cage you have looks like itll be nice for a sun conure. Keeping them busy with lots of toys and things to do keeps them quiet, though.

Crimson Stars Sun Conures Page
If you are interested in breeding Sun Conures, drop by my site. It therefore surprises me to keep hearing from people whose birds have done to tell the unless you have had a lot of experience with them. talked to him first, in other words, he was quiet, something that regular Sun Conures are not