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Coming to Terms With Chief Keef : He also had an MC name, Chief Keef, and a following in Chicago's high schools and online. had no idea who Keef was or why a tween would react to the news like of the stories I just don't 'get' from the last few months is the hype over His dreadlocks are just long en
Chief Keef Lost Boys « The FADER : Keef's notoriety comes primarily from €œI Don't Like,€ a menacing He's a regular presence in many of the videos, and in Keef's entourage is the sole Asian face in a His dreadlocks are just long enough in the front that he
Dread Journey Afro Update 2 Months : An old Video Of my Progress to get Dreads. Bro I only grew ma hair for like 3 weeks and got gel twist u need pills to make yo shit grow. Reply . chief keef / I DONT LIKE dread headby jaylow blanks 719 views 8:45
How to make Dreadlocks : I show how my method of putting in dreadlocks and the immediate You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. . hair is horrible and second your supposed to run the comb through his hair then i have like short hair not too short but how long does it take to grow dreads or White chief keef lol.
Lupe Fiasco Considers Quitting Rap After Beef With Chief Keef 'My : Yesterday, Lupe Fiasco announced via his Twitter page that he may be That was six years ago and stuff is the same. . Lupe has been talking about leaving rap alone for a long time and he did for a while because he cant take
Wiz Khalifa Dreads His Hair : Ever wonder what Wiz Khalifa would look like if. We been havin Dreads in da Bay way before chief keef was even thot of Wrong I didn't grow'Em cuz him,her, or who eva da fuc got'Em so If Wiz want them he
Lil Wayne DOES NOT Cut His Dreads Off Confirmed : Like Rap Basement on Facebook Follow Rap Basement on Twitter Join the Rap This is the case with Young Money CEO, Lil Wayne, who was the thought of the long locks of the Golden Kid no longer being intact. He has to let
Hip : Prosecutors Say Chief Keef's GunLaden Pitchfork Interview Was a€¦ 2, WorldStarHipHop€”a website that hosts hiphoprelated videos for an estimated His short dreadlocks are tucked under a bucket hat, and he gives the he
MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE Chicago Rapper CHIEF KEEF's Crew : But Chief Keef's GBE boys left and everyone continued like nothing happened. get MORE VIOLENT . . . cause that's that ISH WE DON'T LIKE Hiphopflu is the best source for entertainment. Wayne's money is ver
Did Chief Keef Curve His Own Video Shoot With 50 Cent Wiz : I dont know if i'm just living in the past but i feel like decent rap has disappeared, meaning 50 Cent, I'm fine with rap as long as it's not someone like 2chainz or chief keef or etc. . ive been growing my hair for 6 months now and its ab
The Years Most Worstmazing Rap Albums #1 Chief Keef €“ Finally : The Years Most Worstmazing Rap Albums, #1: Chief Keef €“ Finally Rich. This isn t your typical yearend list. 2012 was a year of terrible, awful,
Chad Ochocinco APOLOGIZES To JUDGE Will Be RELEASED : Youll recall that Chad slapped his lawyers backside last week, and was Rapper Chief Keef is in jail today but its not because of the speeding PREVIOUS: VIDEO FAB: Chris Brown Featuring Aaliyah They Dont Know has afforded the opportunity to even get probation especially in a state like FL.
Drill or Be Drilled : On Christmas Day, his best friend, JayLoud, was gunned down for wearing a hoodie with Jojos name on it. A year after the then 16yearold Chief Keefs €œI Dont Like€ video went viral This is the way everybody talks. €œGrowing up, seeing people get killed, all the violence and seeing my mother struggle.
Rapper Chief Keef says NY weed is €œweak as f*ck€ Sandra Rose : Inside, a smiling face wrapped in mini?dreadlocks: Chief Keef was in town for a he must dont like tha sour diesel his lungs must be partial to west coast weed. wHat is the Mr and Miss WESSLAND,anyone from ATL? As it stands I dont think he is going to live long enough for the label to make their
10 Chicago Rappers to Watch in 2012 About Rap/Hip : Chief Keef, 16, is the youngest out of all the upcoming artists. His The original video for €œI Dont Like€ now has over three million views on YouTube and has
Katy Perry Backpedals After Tweeting Chief Keef Diss : After tweeting her dislike for Chief Keefs latest song, the rapper threatened Im a fan of your €œDont Like€ video tbh. Im pretty sure this is the last well hear of this ealtercation anyway, but what to Take Etiquette Classes Nicki aminaj Aint Here for Kirk Frost and His Love Shes a GROWN ass woman.
Video Chief Keef : im sure one of yall will debate me since hes from nyc bt name his last solo hit or hit with somebody0 chief keef walk down the street in chicago rite now NOBODY WOULD In general, the only people Ive met who dont like chief keef are either ok so dont take me latterly about the whole list he created.
Raw Rap Waka Flocka Flame and Chief Keef : Waka Flocka Flame with Chief Keef, another rapper with a bruising style, His lyrics on songs like €œBang€ and €œI Dont Like€ are an assemblage of threats and boasts. unclear whether he himself would be allowed to stay so unchained. and there are the dreadlocks, though Waka Flocka Flames are long
What nobody wants you to know about the violence in Chicago : I looked him in his eyes and said Because people like you publicize it. People can try to blame artists like Chief Keef (I refuse to acknowledge But I am not so far removed from the hood that I dont take offense when Maybe rap music does glorify violence now, but this stuff was going on long before
Is Chief Keef A Minstrel Act? By Dimas S : Long time hiphop fans are hopeless romantics, always reminiscing about the good ol days. We hate the now and wish the backthen would come back. new Chief Keef record, Finally Rich, which is the 17yearolds debut LP, how he can watch a video of Keef and his cronies, swinging their dreads,