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Straight Talk denies hard cap on €œunlimited data€ but fails to : Last year I briefly switched to TracFone's Straight Talk SIM when I cancelled Most carriers and MVNOs will state how much data you get before being Well I can say this download speed test it will really show you how slow

Straight Talk Users Sue Walmart And TracFone Over Throttling Of : €œA former Straight Talk employee stated that the monthly data cap in off data use to customers in order to placate the partners who actually operate the networks. 'We do not have the exact limitations for data usage espec

Straight Talk Cuts Off My Data Will Only Explain Why In Confusing : The problem is that his mobile carrier, Straight Talk, has throttled his data access down to nothing. He has used too much data, insisted a chat agent. how much data he had used, or what that mysterious tipping point actually

Straight Talk Promises Unlimited Service Really Is Unlimited : Got a call saying if I continue to go over unlimited they would cancel my account. Much more generous data allotment, and no cancellation threats. . AFAICT, Straight Talk's website states that you will be able to enjo

Straight Talk's 'unlimited' data plan is bullshit : If you are not cutting off my data, you are surely throttling it to the point where I Straight Talk doesn't have a data cap, but really does Straight Talk is . When I asked how much data did she use, the supervisor indica

Terms and Conditions : Upon registration, you will have the opportunity to provide your address and to set Devices capable only of using data service are strictly prohibited and Your use of This could occur due to many factors including your device, network

TracFone's Straight Talk Walmart sued over unlimited data claim : At issue is Straight Talk's fairusage data policy, which is not explicitly A TracFone spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment. You may have heard rumors online that there is a hard cap of 1.5

Despite the rumors Straight Talk denies claims of a 1 5GB data cap : Straight Talk has issued an official statement refuting the rumors that suggest that the carrier's advertised unlimited data plan is really capped at 1.5GB. heavy customer data intake on a casebycase basis, and will sometim

Walmart's Straight Talk Unlimited Plan Isn't Really Unlimited : The Straight Talk plan actually only offers 2 GB of data per month. one too many customers with its sweet talk of unlimited data plans. They will throttle your bandwidth when you reach the cap AND they will slap you with

Be careful with MVNO plans their unlimited plans are limited too : She did not give me what the amount of data I used and when I Have any readers tried out Straight Talk or another MVNO? I find it difficult to believe that you really read the TOS as the first line of paragraph 6 pretty much

Straight Talk Prepaid Service Now Compatible With ATT LTE : Straight Talk will throttle heavy users after a few gigabytes of data, but the price isnt bad. ATTs Aio As soon as Straight Talk actually hires customer service I will give them a call ) They arent great, but eventually youll get what you call for. They turned it on in May, so I havent missed it by much.

Straight Talk Responds to Unlimited Complaints : A customer does not have to use the Straight Talk Portal to access the internet. With the In fact, most of our customers enjoy their unlimited data plans with no issues or My response: Im very happy to see Straight Talk give such a clear and Find the Right Ultrabook„ for you Check out our Showcase

Straight Talk It could let you dump ATT or T : They use very little data but tons of minutes and messages. Now Ill Youll have to check with your carrier to see how much that will cost. Ill be

Can we get straight answer finally on Straight Talk : Can some of you go thru the terms of service at straighttalk and There is a 2GB soft cap which you will get an automated warning call if you exceed it. . If it starts looking like I dont need very much mobile data (hard to

Again? Wal : WalMarts Straight Talk Unlimited Mobile Data Plan Actually Quite Limited . Any time you have to follow X statement is true with except for, but, Do you want to make as many phone calls or text messages that you want

OFFICIAL THROTTLED by Straight Talk Thread : How much data did you use? 4. How many days did you have left on your plan ? 6. This is very serious, as we move into the age of faster smart phones i wont want to There is no fixed throttle point for Straight Talk users.

Updated How to Setup Straight Talk NET10 Data and MMS on : Some users report using as much as 8 GB of data per month without problems but others have Make a test call to be sure your SIM really is active. It will delete all of them, so you will have to readd the Straight Talk one.

[Carrier] $45 Unlimited Talk Text Data on Straight Talk (ATT : The way I understand it, you have to Jailbreak to get access to the MMS APN settings, I just ordered my SIM today, will switch to straight talk finally to save monies. . Yes it is true, Straight Talk Unlimited Data is not really so. But the limit is about how much data you use, not HOW you use it, correct?