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Lane Cedar Chest Lock Recall / How to find out the age of your : My mom still has her Lane hope chest from the 50's and she got her lock replaced a southern drawl who explained how to determine the age of a Lane cedar chest. To determine the age, work backwards from the Serial #.

How old is my Lane cedar chest? Style number is 482043 and serial : after you know what you need to know, use this, please lanefurniture /customerca€¦ EVERYONE WITH LANE CEDAR CHEST

How to Identify and Date Lane Cedar Chests : Lane cedar chests can be pretty old, dating back to the time when brides would The serial number is often found on the bottom of Lane cedar chests. However, my cousin, who was more like my brother, was bound and

Frequently Asked Questions Lane Furniture : ? Usually Lane cedar chests have serial numbers that are stamped or applied to the bottom of the chests. You can

Lane Cedar Chest : This is a guide to help educate buyers about the Lane Cedar Chest. You can also tell the age of the chest by reading the serial numbers View My Guides

Determine Value of Lane Cedar Chest? : To determine the value of a lane cedar chest, the age must be known. The older the On the bottom of the cedar chest you will find a serial number. The serial

How to Date a Lane Cedar Chest : Learning about an old cedar chest, even one manufactured in 20th century the serial number on my cedar chest is 241170, but on the inside there is a piece of

Lane Cedar Chest Refinish Woodworking Talk : 'Lo Everybody A friend of ours just gave us a Lane Cedar Chest, and the Old 09102012, 03:31 PM. JohnTric. Junior Member. Join Date: Sep 2012 And in my opinion, I only have one shot at doing it right or risk The chest appears to ha

Determining the Value of a Lane Cedar Chest : Age. Sample of a Lane cedar chest serial number. The value of your Lane cedar chest my cedar chest was my grandmas dated june 6th 1928, she got as a

CHI Good Questions Info on this Vintage Lane Chest? : I have seen other Lane chests but not in this style . VERY IMPORTANT: Sorry to use all caps, but old cedar chests are a serious At least, in my experience, the veneers of the exteriors of this type are typically teak.

What is the year of your lane cedar chest Serial No 083128 style no : well this might be a semieducated guess but dates of the lanes prior to 1930 are the six digit serial number read forward , after that they are reversed, and

Old Lane Cedar chest : I have an old Lane Cedar chest. I also have the serial, style number and date Feb 1951 of the cedar chest. Lane could not provide any information on it at all

Antique Lane Cedar Chests : Everyone looking for more information on Lane cedar chests is welcome to look here This is the chest we picked up for my oldest daughters 16 th birthday. type was discontinued, or they went to a simpler style is yet to be det ermined.

I have a Princess Cedar chest by Lane Style No 6019 : I have a Princess Cedar chest by Lane, Style No 601950, Serial No I have had this cedar chest in my family for over 60 years and want to

HOW MUCH IS MY LANE CEDAR CHEST WITH SERIAL# 247021 : HOW MUCH IS MY LANE CEDAR CHEST WITH SERIAL# 247021 AND STYLE Give a little more information for example: Who made it?

Lane Cedar Hope Chest style No 2774 : Lane Cedar Hope Chest style No 27743 Serial No 254120 Id like to know when it where can i find out how much my lane cedar chest is worth serial I have an old lane cedar chest serial # 454230, style #03071 made in Alta vista, VA.

Hope chest : A hope chest, dowry chest, cedar chest, or glory box is a chest used to collect items such as clothing and household 3.1 Lane Company chests 3.2 Decoration.

Lane Cedar Chest Transformation : I was after an old world feel, trying to create a patina that shows years and years of My Lane Cedar Chest was manufactured in 1969. You can identify the date it was manufactured by reading the serial number backwards:).

Goodwill Hunting Lane Cedar Chest €” SoEclectic : My freakout over this cedar chest was a little nuts. That meant that the day after I bought it, it turned 61 years old. . I was checking out Lane online when I found out about the serial number, and also, stumbled across your