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Open the photo in SnapChat before it expires. € Take a screenshot by pressing   the home and power buttons while keeping a finger on the screen. € Double tap
How to Easily Capture Images In SnapChat Without the Other : Open the photo in SnapChat before it expires. € Take a screenshot by pressing the home and power buttons while keeping a finger on the screen. € Double tap
iOS 7 Disables Screenshot Interruptions Allows Users to Secretly : While we detailed a number of new features of iOS 7 beta 2 earlier today, a MacRumors reader sent us a tip on a small change that has gone
How To Take A Screenshot of Snapchat With No Notification : Take a Screenshot in Snapchat without anyone knowing NO JAILBREAK REQUIRED Works with LATEST version of Snapchat Save pics
NotSo : How? Usually, when a user takes a screenshot of a SnapChat photo, the sender is immediately notified, but, according to Vir, it turns out that it's
Snapchat Doesn't Let You Know Someone Took A Screenshot In iOS 7 : Despite Snapchat's impressive growth, the latest news on the popular photo and videosharing service has shown that, like many other apps,
In iOS 7 You Can Take Screenshots In Snapchat Without The : Earlier today, the second iOS 7 beta was released by Apple. But an interesting change that was already present in the first beta of iOS 7 has
SnapChat Hack How to Secretly Save a SnapChat Picture on Your : Vir claims that the SnapChat hack allows users to easily save photos sent via SnapChat by simply taking a screenshot. Other SnapChat hacks
New iOS Screenshot Tweak Could Break Snapchat : Snapchat is on the back foot as a tweak to iOS7 threatens to remove the screenshot detection feature crucial to the security of its disposable
iOS 7 is going to pose privacy problems for Snapchat : According to the LA Times, it turns out the everyone running iOS 7 won't be able to receive Snapchat's screenshot notification, which alerts
Sorry Android Users Snapchat Doesn't Delete Your Photos It Just : As we reported last week, Snapchat's having problems on the iPhone, too. On the new iOS 7, Snapchat users can screenshot photos without
Snapchats Funniest Screenshots : Any submitted snapchat then has the chance to experience the wonderful bliss that is temporary Photo: sneeky screenshot ) her naked photo here: bit.
how do you take a screenshot on snapchat : Try pressing on the menu and select Take a screenshot. With snapchat, one can control how long your friends can view your message or
Snapchat images that have €œdisappeared forever€ stay right on your : Thats because the screenshot function creates a new image, not managed by the Snapchat application, and saves it where your friend is in
How to Screenshot a Snapchat (with Pictures) : How to Screenshot a Snapchat. Screenshot a Snapchat is no different of a basic process than normal screenshotting on your phone. Heres a quick guide for
iOS 7 lets you secretly take screenshots in apps like Snapchat : Theres been a lot of talk over the past 24 hours about the many changes in beta 2 of iOS 7. Apple seeded the update to developers yesterday
How to Take Secret Screenshots of Snapchat Pictures in iOS 7 : If youre a frequent Snapchatter like myself, youre probably well aware that Snapchat cant stop you or anyone else from taking a screenshot of a photo received
iOS 7 May Let Snapchat Users Screenshot Pictures Secretly : Snapchat may be having a tiny little issue when it comes to iOS 7 usability. Apples updated mobile operating system (which is currently in beta)
How do I take a screen shot with Snap Chat on my Iphone? : Snapchat always screenshot the menu Screenshotting snapchat iphone &middot On a gateway laptop,os:vista. Snapchat wont let me take a screenshot &middot My iphone
Snapchat screenshot alerts disabled by change in iOS 7 : A change in Apples iOS 7 makes it possible to take screenshots of Snapchats without alerting the person who sent the photo.