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€œVine now supports mentions, so you can tag people in your post. Users who are   mentioned will receive a notification in Activity. To mention a
Vine App Update Allows Front : €œVine now supports mentions, so you can tag people in your post. Users who are mentioned will receive a notification in Activity. To mention a
How to tag people on Vine? : We found no info on how to tag people on the Vine app. However, Like Instagram and Twitter, there is an explorer portion included in this app. You can type a
Blog €” Vine : #thankyou for sharing so many wonderful videos on Vine. You're all awesome. We just want to say thank you. Since launching Vine less than five months ago,
Twitter Releases Vine For Android Smartphones As It Tops 13M : Twitter has released Vine for Android, bringing the 6second video sharing and mention features, and searching for both people and tags.
9 Things We'd Change About Vine : Vine is the hot new iPhone app leaving users in a hatelove relationship. This app has Allow users to tag people in captions and comments.
Five things to know as you get started with Vine : But don't be limited to the tags Vine included in its explore section you can search for, and tag your videos with, whatever you want. So as you
Twitter's Vine App Finally Available for Android (VIDEO) : You also won't be able to shoot video with the frontfacing camera, search for people and tags, or share Vine posts to Facebook.€ Twitter says
How To Use Vine (The Basics) : Here's a beginner's guide to using Vine. For android, in June, you could not tag people, and I did a little research and it looks like you still
Vine the Pros and Cons : But something about Vine feels more real and less staged, which I think is a It's annoying, especially if you want to tag someone in your post.
Vine Now Supports Mentions Front : Vine finally supports mentions as well. €œVine now supports mentions, so you can tag people in your post. Users who are mentioned will
Vine : Instantly post videos on Vine, then share to Twitter and Facebook € Find, follow, and interact with people close to you € Explore trending posts, featured hashtags
Vine Comes To Android With A New (And Hidden) Zoom Feature : Vine for Android comes with the usual Feed, Activity, Explore and People tabs, and makes it very easy to find, shoot, and share your videos.
How to use Vine : Twitters Vine became popular very quickly with Twitters social media influence. The concept behind How do you tag people on your videos? User: Bobby bill
What Is This New Vine App? Dear Twitter€¦ : As of right now, you cant tag another Vine app user. Huh? Social sharing, team. #social. Dear Twitter, Can I tag people, please? 3. You cant
Vine €“ Droid Life : Nevertheless, it is Vine and people will continue to use it, so we wanted to make sure you knew of another issue that seems to be plaguing frequent Viners.
Twitters Vine gains front : People who get mentioned in your posts will receive a notification in their Activity tab. When you tag someone, that persons Vine profile gets
VineViewer : Search for vines of the things you love. 12:00. 2013 SS+K Firefall Pro. VineViewer is a fun utility developed (rapidly) by Firefall Pro and SS+K designed to
9 Feature Twitter Vine Should Change : Aside from posting comments, no other form of engagement is allowed, not even tagging. Vine should at least allow users to tag people in
5 Must Known Tips For Using €œVine€ : Without a doubt, this is an amazing app and people called it €œInstagram You can type a tag line, and Vine would show you a list of videos that
Twitter Updates Vine So You Can Shoot With The Front : Twitter has updated its shortform video sharing app Vine to support followed by their username to see a list of suggested people to tag.