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this happens to me sometimes. it depends. dont worry about it. if it persists, then   worry. but if not, then no biggie, again, this has happened to
I've been drinking lots of water but I'm not peeing any idea what coul : this happens to me sometimes. it depends. dont worry about it. if it persists, then worry. but if not, then no biggie, again, this has happened to
Ive been drinking a lot of water but im not urinating much : Ive been drinking plenty of water but im not urinating much, when i do. it stings Im 19, of normal weight, i exersize daily and am not unhealthy,
Didn't drink anything all day but urinating A LOT every hour Why : I didn't drink anything at all day, but I have an urge to urinate every hour. And when I do, there I'm not any more thirsty than usual. I hardly drink It sounds like you don't drink enough water throughout the day. That ca
I'm peeing a LOT and drinking a ton of water All blood work has : I'm peeing a LOT and drinking a ton of water. All blood work has It's actually a lot of wee, not just the urge to urinate. At first I thought it was
Can you pee too much? : I'm going to assume that somewhere out there, someone will understand me. but I do find myself having to use the bathroom a lot more than most It's like can't I just drink half a bottle of water and not have to pee for 2 hour
drinking lots of water/going pee all the time : TIME literally, like every 5 minutes if i'm drinking the recommended amounts not an overactive bladder because when i pee, i'm actually peeing a good I have the same problem, but I have been drinking tons of water for
Does your water intake count if it just makes you pee alot? : I took in alot of salt over the weekend and I'm feeling pretty bloated and puffed out so I'm to be really good and take in lots of water (not more than daily amount but just more than I usually drink) but I'm wondering if it's doing
Constantly having to pee Water How to deal with it : I'm not kidding, I could have just peed and then three minutes later have i drink a lot of water but i do it strategically like if i know i'm gonna be
Burning while urinating(But gone after drinking water) : I am very much new to this site so not sure whether I have posted the Getting relief from drinking a lot of water and having irritation from
How much water should I drink while I'm pregnant? : I started drinking water and eating saltines to keep from throwing up the water and the next day I felt a lot better. I'm still not 100% if I go a day drinking
Frequent urination even when not having a lot to drink? 10 points : Regular urination even when not possessing a good deal to drink? ten Initial of i am a male and if i dont drink at all and pee alot its because of stress but is triggered when your kidneys turn out to be unable to retain water.
So Youve Decided to Drink More Water : €œIm going to drink more water,€ you say. €œEight glasses a Anyone else might have died of hyponatremia by now, but not you. €œThe one who drinks a lot of water.€ better hydrated, but the constant peeing will put a damper
Are You Drinking Too Much Water? : In fact, theres a lot of marketing behind popular hydration recommendations, €œ And if youre simply drinking too much water at once, you may end up peeing too Notice how much you pee€”and its color€”in the morning. Sleeping for 8 to 10 hours in a night means I am not consuming any liquid during
Why am I urinating so much? : I?m 28 years old, female, and don?t know why this is happening. I don?t drink a ton of water so that isn?t it. Why might I be urinating so much/so often?
peeing 2X to 4X a night : Also, once I started transitioning to drinking just water, and nothing else. I was drinking a lot of water to stay dehydrated and I did have to get up I am trying not to drink anything too close to bed time and try to drink it all
How to drink enough water without peeing every 15 minutes : I am trying to get my eight glasses per day of water, dont mind drinking it but I try to drink 3 glasses in the morning, and 6 between lunch and dinner or else Im up peeing every hour all night. I dont think chugalugging a lot of water at one time is going to help you cut . You may not post attachments.
frequent urination without drinking : Common Questions and Answers about Frequent urination without drinking I am not sure whether its due to drinking too much beers or masturbation. how much water is she drinking? that affects urination way more than eating. my a lot) At night if I drink a lot I have to urinate more frequently but in smaller amounts.
Why Drinking Too Much Water Can Be Harmful To Your Health : Conversely, if you do not eat a lot of plant foods and/or you add . I am inclined to satisfy my thirst with food and when I drink water instead, I feel so I did not have thirst and loved not going pee all the time, esp in the middle
TMI Poll How often do you pee? « Weddingbee Boards : No diabetes, no renal issues, I just drink a LOT of water and pee it all out. I am not really worried about it because ive been this way forever (if it was new it
Syrian Drinking Lots Of Water and Excessive Peeing? : old now and he has been drink ALOT of water and peeing a lot too. leaking water bottle like Freep said, and I am not saying you need to go
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