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Androids can't watch/play videos on instagram?
Androids can't watch/play videos on instagram . I guess we just haven't gotten the update yet. because I've checked my updates and nothing&nbsp

Facebook Announces Instagram with Video Will be
Yep, Instagram will now have video capabilities. I'm using galaxy note 10.1 and I cant play or record a video. I updated Instagram for Android and now I can watch videos. . I did for about a week €¦ only to watch other'

Video Hands
The new video sharing in Instagram differs a bit because you can record have instagram 4.0 on my android 4.1.2 but cant record nor view&nbsp

Instagram €“ A beautiful way to share your world. It's fast, free and fun I can watch videos but can't shoot them, HTC EVO fix and easy five&nbsp

New Instagram With Video is Technically Live on Android €“ Droid Life
Should you be one of the lucky few to get in early on the staged you guys should make the update work with the huawei ascend y, because i can only see videos and Droid DNA running 4.1.1 can't watch or record video.

Posting a picture
If you've run into an error posting a picture, please review these articles. Camera. I can't upload photos. . Location map view is cut off (Android only).

Instagram Gets Video App Update Adds Filter Effects to 15
The Instagram iPhone and Android apps will now include video features There are a ton of moments in the world that can't be captured in the older version, because it was meant to be all about keeping the Why Ins

Android App Sideloading Anyone got the Instagram 4 0 Video version
Instagram released today their 4.0 version which contains Video capabilities. I got the For now we can only watch videos. i have the 10.1 and it's work fine on it. Bar file only works on your device because of the debug to

Cant upgrade Instagram with Video? No worries download it here
Android App Reviews, Android Apps, News, App Recommendations, Interviews not all users can receive the video capture feature (because its for Android 4.1 +) for the eager to bypass Google Play and get Instagram with Video now ( New Apps) Watch favorite shows from AE, HISTORY Channel&nbsp

Amazon Instafire
Download the Instafire Instagram Client app now to your Kindle Fire or other Android Millions of Amazon Prime members enjoy instant videos, free Kindle books and Watch instantly on your Kindle Fire, If you DO NOT have an Instagram account BEFORE you buy this app, you CANNOT create one on your Kindle

Instagram Announces Video Lets Users Record 15
As all Instagram users have come to expect, the feature will also include filters €“ 13 new, exclusiveforvideo filters, to be exact. far more enjoyable for all who view those 15second works of art. . Sorry. Was just excited cause vine s in android. I cant wait see video of chicks painted fingernails

Instagram announces Vine erm video on Instagram
Instagram, today at Facebook HQ and in a livestream, announced that I never got into Vine because the 6 second video and weird clips people made just turned me off. Host it on youtube so people can actually watch it. I see its been pushed to the online store, but cant update my phone from there.

Facebook unveils Instagram video with 15second clips filters
He said Instagram had originally thought about sharing photos and Instagram is offering the new video service for both iPhones and Android smart phones. in May, with 60.4 million viewers watching 727.4 million videos.

The Hunt For An Instagram For Video Is On And Socialcam Wants
Watch the interview above to hear Seibel talk about how Socialcam Socialcam stands out in part because its team has already had one Socialcam is a new mobile video application coming to both iPhone and Android. . These cases are rare and you cant follow bunch of people and easily find them.

colormenae (colormenae) s Instagram photos
WEBSTAGRAM Instagram Web Viewer . a pretty young lady 31min chancecaesh awwwwwww 25min xbawssee Soo Android Users Cant Watch Videos ?

[APP UPDATE] Instagram w/ Video xda
Instagram got an update that inlcudes the ability to record and post 15 second video clips. All Android versions can already play videos on Instagram and we re working I cant watch the videos that people post either, it just looks like a regular picture. Could it be because I am running CM 10.1 possibly?

Video Instagram Crusade Rages On Viddy Goes Android Lumify
Where is the supposed Instagram of Video? That said, filmmakers will have to do some fresh thinking to tap Viddy as a resource, type of video app hasnt reached sturdy ground yet €” mainly, because mobile video Do you see any reason something like Lumify cant allow €œfilmmaking for everyone?