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What could cause lump above collarbone? · Lymph Nodes (Glands : Recently I have discovered a lump above my left collarbone. am very concerned as I know having a golf ball lump at the front of my neck can't be normal. . that made me feel as though I was being choked from the inside.

lump on collarbone near throat Do I Have Cancer? discussions : I had a lump above my collar bone, and it was lung cancer. . that the area above that between my collarbone and my neck is really sore. . I have one of these balllike things on my right collarbone, close to the V part though.

All lump in neck above collarbone messages : so i am a 28 yr old student and have had a lump in my neck above my collarbone in the hollow of my neck for about 3 yrs? I was scared to get it

Lymphoma Forum : Large Lump On My Neck Above My Collar Bone . Due to I have had what a chroprater called last year a goiter on my neck. Today I was suppose to have my CT scan someone dropped the ball . no authorization from

What Causes a Clavicle Bone Lump? (with picture) : A clavicle bone lump can be caused by a lipoma, damage from osteoarthritis, certain forms of It develops on or near the clavicle, and is later determined to be in one of the lymph nodes. What Causes Neck Lipoma? lite

lump in neck above collarbone : Hello, I have a lump above the collarbone on the right side of my neck and I have no idea to what it is. I have no idea to how long I have had it because it dis

soft lump above collar bone : Common Questions and Answers about Soft lump above collar bone I have c onstant nagging pain/discomfort in the middle of my right collar b&ltspan style on the lower left side of my neck about 2 inches above my collarbone. . and today

My Slippery Slope To Becoming A Hypochondriac : In the groin area, my arms, my neck, above my collarbone. . I had an MRI done on my neck due to that lump, as well as some issues with my

small lump in neck that moves : In December I noticed that I had two small moveable lumps in my neck. I can say that it is really inside my neck. bigger on the right side of my neck just above the collar bone. i dont have any other related symptoms apart i have a

Death of a Thyroid my diagnosis and treatment for thyroid cancer : So as soon as the collarbone and neck scar had healed by midJanuary, I threw . saw me and i amentioned the swollen lump, I had walked around half the hospital. . like a golf ball€”the exact spot that had swelled up after the Cleveland race

Patient Comments Hodgkins Disease Symptoms : I noticed I had large swelling at the base of my neck. That is what I woke up one day with a strange lump about the size of a golf ball on the left side of my neck. I went to This thing went from the inside of my leg all the way around to my hip.

I Have A Lump On My Lower Arm Right Below My Elbow That Doesn : Some, like those around the neck, behind the collar bone, or clavicle, underneath is quite rare,LowLying Lymph NodesOther lymph nodes, like those deep inside the chest, I Have A Golf Ball Size Lump In My Left Arm Pit, Is That Normal?

What is This Mysterious Lump On My Neck? : I found this small lump on the left side of my neck. It is located a little higher than my collar bone. Doctors Inside Tips for Your Next Health Screening The only way to be certain of the diagnosis is to have a biopsy taken of the lump. or subcutaneous tissues (tissues immediately below the surface of the

Your Lump [Archive] Lymphoma : Did anybody have a movable lump or was everybodys lump fixed to the My lump was a golf ball sized area that slightly protruded below my left rib was large size of a large gfruit on his neck and collarbone area.

What do I do if I have swelling in the neck Mumps : the neck just below the ear lobe, it may be MUMPS. In that . procedure which uses sound waves to create images of organs and structures inside your body. . Have something like a ball like structure on one side of my nick sometimes i feel hot that I have a lump above collar bone from my childhood.

There is a small lump on the left side of my neck directly above : Each day I get more and more concerned, but of course the Internet makes The left side of my neck is always really tight which is how I found the lump while

Lump/bump Above Right Breast Below Collar Bone : Hello, have recently found a lump/bump above my right breast.i am 33. it is a bump above my left breast, between the top of the breast and the collarbone a few . I have pain from it that will go down the inside of my right breast to the nipple.

I have a small lump on my neck : I have a small lump in my neck that is not on the other side, what is it? . of the next above the clavicle) or superior superficial cervical lymph nodes. of my neck near the glan and I have severe sharpe pains just on the inside of my right ear.

Hard Lump on Back of Neck : On the back of my neck, left side at the hairline, a small, hard lump appeared . its right under the back of my jaw bone i had a similer kind of lump around last . I noticed the sharp pain again when I turned my head to look for the ball. little ones on the sides of my neck and one just above my collar bone.