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The reasons why two brown eyed parents may have a blue eyed child.   My   baby has blue eyes and my husband and I both have brown and we also   twin   boy had beautiful blue eyes while the twin girl has light brown eyes.

How Two Brown Eyed Parents Can Have a Blue Eyed Baby Yahoo
The reasons why two brown eyed parents may have a blue eyed child. My baby has blue eyes and my husband and I both have brown and we also twin boy had beautiful blue eyes while the twin girl has light brown eyes.

Yahoo Canada Answers If I have brown eyes and my husband has
And could we still have a baby with blue eyes if my eyes are brown? all ended up with light brown and hazel eyes and my brother's eyes are

I have green eyes and my boyfriend has dark brown eyes if we had
If he has brown and green genes there is a fifty percent chance that you might have most likely light brown My husband has green eyes I have dark brown.

the husband has dark brown eyes and the wife has light Askville
Similar Questions: HUSBAND DARK BROWN EYES WIFE LIGHT BABY My parents had brown eyes, I have hazel eye color like my aunt

can 2 brown eyed parents have a blue eyed baby? Baby's First
&ltbr /&gt &ltbr /&gtMy DH amp I both have brown eyes amp brown hair but our 3 hair and brown eyes. also just because you have brown eyes and your husband does My daughter has pale/light blue eyes and neither her dad nor m

How Late Can My Baby's Eyes Change Color? EverydayFamily
If you both have dark skin and brown eyes, your little one will probably have brown for people whose eyes are in the middle, with grays or greens or light browns. . they will turn out to be because my husband is Caucasian and I'm Hispani

You have dark brown eyes and your husband has light brown eyes
You have dark brown eyes and your husband has light brown eyes what color If my husband eyes are green and my eyes are brown what color would be my

What color eyes will baby have? eye color calculator [Archive
I have brown hair and brown eyes and my husband has brown hair and brown eyes. But our little girl is blond with blue eyes LOL, here is our

Can Two Parents With Blue Eyes Have A BrownEyed Baby?
I have dark brown eyes, my husband light blue. Our 1st three kids have brown eyes (with dark hair too), our 4th child has blue eyes (blond hair).

kandeej Brown Eyes VS Blue Eyes
I have brown eyes and tganks to my mom and grandpa I have green I have hazel eyes, and they turn amber and sometimes a vey light white tell my husband that he could of had a woman with blue eyes instead of poop
Eye Color Understanding Genetics
English Español. I hope that your explanation can clear up some confusion in my family. I have brown eyes and my husband has blue eyes.

Will my babys eye color change? Parents
My husband has light brown eyes. my eyes used to be brown but have turned green. my son who is 3 months has green eyes which sometimes look blue green

A Beginners Guide to Genetics Eye Color HubPages
For eye color, the brown eye allele is dominant BR (hence the capitals) . My Mother has blue with a light brown speck in one eye, my father brown. My husband and I both have brown eyes is it possible for us to have a blue

What color will my babys eyes be? About Vision
Perhaps you have brown eyes and your partners eyes are green will babys eyes with wonder and amazement, and think will my babys eyes If he has even more melanin, his eyes might be light to very dark brown.

can 2 blue eyed people make a brown eyed baby? Baby BabyExpert
My exs son who is 15 has got brown eyes, i noticed it when we first got together, yet my If you have 2 BR genes then you will have brown eyes. my mum and dad both really peircing blue and light hair and brother has dark . white with a white husband and had twins one black(is that politically correct?)

If Your Man Has Brown Eyes Theres Something You Should Know
Theyre not more trustworthy than lighteyed guys, they just seem like they are. Way Wetpaint Husband Does the Unthinkable With Baby Wife Catches It On Camera YourTango My parents both have brown eyes but I have blue eyes.

could my baby have blue eyes? Blended and Multicultural Families
My husband is Mexican and Portuguese with very dark brown eyes or grandparents have light eyes? need 1 gene from eah side ti=

Can two brown eyes parents have a blue eyed child? How does that
My grandson and his significant other both have brown eyes and olive skin. Their son (my great grandson) has blue eyes and light skin. My daughter was so

Blueeyed parents can have browneyed kids USA Today
Q: Both my wife and I have brown eyes. My son was born with brown eyes. However Blue eyes can take on other colors from reflected light.

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