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Northeastern University Discussion : What are my chances of getting into Northeastern University? I have a 3.73 unweighted gpa, 1750 SAT score and a 26 ACT composite I have a 3.9 underweighted gpa and about a 4.23 gpa weighted. sat score is I wonder if there were too many applicants for the Biomedical major? What is

University of Maryland College Park Discussion : I have a 3.73 unweighted gpa, 1750 SAT score and a 26 ACT composite score. GPA unweighted=3.56, weighted= 3.68 (for now, but my ap classes will raise it). 2 . . I got this. what is my chance they will accept me if i do good this current

Penn State University Discussion : I have a 3.73 unweighted gpa, 1750 SAT score and a 26 ACT composite score. I was wondering if since my SAT scores areso low if i could take them Oct of my senior year and still My weighted GPA was 4.18 and 3.41 unweighted with 8 AP classes

University of Southern California Discussion : I'm out of state In addition to what's on my profile I had a paid internship at NASA GSFC and I have 4 I have an unweighted 3.73 and a weighted 4.26, SAT is a 2180, and a ton of extracurricular I have a 3.8 unweighted gpa, and 4.7 weighted

Boston University Discussion : What are my chances of getting into Boston University? I have a 3.73 unweighted gpa, 1750 SAT score and a 26 ACT composite score. I'm out of state I currently have a 4.71 weighted GPA and a 4.0 unweighted. I am a I have taken honors En

Ohio State University Columbus Discussion : My GPA after this year should be around a 3.73 weighted and 3.3 unweighted this is because I have taken the toughest classes my school has to offer and my school is IB. . If you look over our data, you'll see that we have very few people with

Weighted vs Unweighted GPA : The terms weighted and unweighted get thrown around a lot This is what is they mean when they ask for your weighted or unweighted GPA. If a scholarship provider asks the student for GPA information,

The Official UC Chance Thread Page 41 : I know my chances in getting into UCD/UCSB/UCI/UCSD are very slim. Can I please get a rough idea of where I COULD get in? GPA: something like 4.1 weighted and 3.7 unweighted . I was wondering if people could tell me my chances or give m

Weighted or Unweighted GPA? : Colleges want the weighted GPA to reflect your class rank, as well as the that you somehow really got an A in that course€¦you still did B work, PS: You might want to look at my post on how to calculate your €œreal€ GPA.

Do colleges look more heavily at Weighted GPA or Unweighted : Now, i have a 3.8 Weighted GPA. and naturally a lower unweighted GPA. So i do My question is do college admissions offices look more over the weighted or And if anyone knows, is that 3.8 refering to weighted or unweighted GPA Whats the

How to Calculate Your GPA on a 4 0 Scale : Your GPA is your grade point average and is typically based on a 4.0 For example, if you received an A in a class, it equals 4 points. together, and divide by the total number of credit hours to get your GPA. How to Calculate GPA on a 4.00 Unweighted Scale From a Weighted GPA What Is Mastery Level Grading?

GPA Calculator High School : Scroll down if you want to know how to calculate it yourself. Honors and College/IB classes have a higher weighting (0.5 and 1 To calculate unweighted GPA just select regular for all classes. . How can i get my GPA because of my geometry? 3.73. Posted by PianoProdige on Wednesday, 04.10 .13 14:20pm.

whats your gpa? : its my junior year now and im at 2.4, which really pisses me off, how I slacked through my first two years, but I feel if I try ill get it to 3.0, I did take a few ap classes that brought me down, but at 3.98 unweighted, 4.1 weighted. . weighted: 3.73.

Junior/Senior Fall 2010 Guidance Presentation : 2.0 or higher GPA Passing score on 10th grade Reading FCAT Alert counselor if these requirements have been met. SCHOLARS Unweighted GPA €“ Graduation GPA Example: Unweighted: 4.0, Weighted: 4.688, Bright Futures: 4.3, 3.073.73 3.704.33 . Q = How can I determine my Bright Futures eligibility?

Ms Suns UC Admissions Blog What is Leadership? : Ask yourself if you are happy with what youre accomplishing in your I have a 4.0 GPA and am currently attending Moorpark Community . Im slacking off right since school started. i have a 3.20 g.p.a excluding p.e. but my weighted gpa is 3.40. do I have a 4.13 weighted and a 3.73 unweughted gpa.

Senior Handbook 20122013 : two must have a laboratory component. 3 required SAT score. GPA. 2.0 on a 4.0 scale (unweighted). Cumulative weighted GPA of 3.5 in the.

What is a good SAT score? : score is good enough to get into UCLA if i have a UC GPA of 3.65? 16. . at my school and I have a weighted 4.0 GPA and 3.7 unweighted, if that helps. My GPA is 3.73 and as a homeschooler it is taken lightly because

College Applications and Entrance Requirements Questions : my friend. Popularity: 111 € Tools: Recategorize. Can an AfricanAmerican Will a 93 unweighted 95 weighted GPA and a 1290 SAT be acceptable for any UC schools? Can you get into a good college if you have a bad attendance record in high school What is the order of the different degrees you can earn in college?

Chances of earning a AROTC or AFROTC scholarship [Archive : If this looks familiar, I just copied and pasted it from my chance thread in CC. : wink: GPA, unweighted 9th/10th/FS 11th 3.45 weighted 3.73 SATs M Received a 4 on my AP Euro test and a 5 on AP Bio (although I got BsCs in the classes) . I am not sure where their campuses are located and whats the

Law School Rankings Chicago Unbound : choice of a law school by prospective law students, since the choice, if not quite composite measure that is created by weighting different attributes of a law school undergraduate GPA, 10% acceptance rate, 2.5% employment rate at have the widest choice of law schools, the ranking of schools by mean LSAT score.