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My iMessage still says Waiting for Apple Support Communities : I figured I could start all over again if it didn't work, but it did I'm How does one get imessage to work when there is no cell service just wifi?
Using an iPhone without a wireless service plan Apple Support : HT3406: Using an iPhone without a wireless service plan SIM card and use my iphone via WIFI? i can browse the internet but cannot make phone calls right?
iMessage and wifi clarification : Since I have wifi, I should be able to use iMessage to send and receive texts without service, correct? meaning 0 bars, no service (as opposed
A Guide to iMessage : Summary: How to use iMessage to send texts, photos and videos not using Wifi (but we stress that text messages don't use much data at all,
How to setup iMessage on your iPhone or iPod touch : Does anyone know if you can use iMessage without service over wifi on an iPhone? A buddy of mine got his phone shut off (long, long story)
is imessage free to use even when not on wifi and : is imessage free to use even when not on wifi and but with an unlimited data plan (green) when imessage service is unavailable but that has only happened a
Does iMessage need wifi to work? : either data plan oe wifi i have an iphone 3gs with no service, no data plan, but is connected to wifi in my house. Using imessage I can send
The Complete Guide to FaceTime + iMessage Setup Use and : Both FaceTime and iMessage use a virtually identical setup process, there is no phone number or SMS messaging service to allow you to
iMessage overseas without pesky fees : But for iOS 5 users, iMessage can help avoid unnecessary charges. If you're the one abroad, make sure that you are connected to WiFi.
Can you iMessage or FaceTime on the iPhone 5 without wifi? : Yes, you can facetime on the iPhone 5 without wifi. You can also use iMessage without wifi, but using iMessage on wifi will let you send free
The Complete Guide to FaceTime + iMessage Setup Use and : Both FaceTime and iMessage use a virtually identical setup process, there is no phone number or SMS messaging service to allow you to
How to Set Up and Use iMessage : iMessage is Apples new messaging service that is a combination of both WiFi or cellular connection required to send and receive messages
How iMessage works : This nifty little service subverts the traditional SMS text messaging system, . Sure if you have no signal but wifi its OK but why not get a
iMessage iPhone : I just found out you can only use iMessage over WiFi which I think is total . When they get back into coverage theyll get the message but no
Sending Messages using iMessage or SMS : iMessage is a clever messaging system built into your iDevice. You can use it on Mac OS X, on the iPhone, iPad or iPod. It sends messages via
How to Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation Error on : Sometimes it works just perfectly, but sometimes it drives us crazy. Wifi issues can cause iMessage activation problems so have cellular
Facts about iMessage : Now they all come with iMessage, a service thats an even better kind of texting. Because its free for you and anyone texting over WiFi using
iMessage and FaceTime question : The same can be said for iMessage but its a little more difficult. Since you are in This will allow him to use iMessage without the use of wifi.
Will iMessage work? [Archive] : Archive Will iMessage work? Royal Caribbean International.
How to setup iMessage on iPhone iPad or iPod touch : Apples iMessage is a great free service that allows you to interact with sending messages without a cellphone plan using your Apple ID.
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