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Why is my hamster acting weird? : hi guys have got a syrian hamster that is 2 years old now and last week it was put her on my bed it was walking about Slower than normal (and not very far)

Hamster acting weird ? : I recently brought my hamster back to my parents h€¦ few days now) I'm wondering is this normal behavior for a hamster when it is introduced

my hamster is acting strange : My hamster freezes a lot, he just stops in his tracks and freezes and doesn't the freezing is normally when they've heard/smelt something

My Hamster Is Acting Weird Me And My Friend Thinks Shes Giving : If your hamster is getting fatter, she's hoarding and scarfing down food, drinking more water, and her nipples are more Nesting is normal, that is just what hamsters do. My Dog Is Acting Weird, Like She Is Scared Or Worried, What's Wrong?

Comments On Signs Your Hamster Is Sick : my hamster ginger has been acting a little weird she is very picky with what she is breathing, his bely only pumbs about every 10 seconds which is not normal.

My hamster went missing for a day and now is been acting strange : My hamster went missing for a day and now is been acting strange My If he is used to you being there by his cage normally he would of

I Dropped My Hamster And Now Its Breathing All Strange Search : My hamster went missing for a day and now is been acting strange. My hamster . My Normal dwarf hamsters and my roborovski dwarf hamster keeps fighting

Syrian hamster behaviour : Understanding the nature and behaviour of the Syrian hamster. the seemingly strange and inappropriate behavior exhibited by their new pet hamster. I bought this hamster for my young son, but I am very reluctant for him to handle it Not

Hamster Behavior Questions including How can you tell if your : yes its very nutritious and healthy for them i gave my hamster dried fruit and it was perfectly fine. It is either infectted with some strange disease, trying to get rid of fleas, really weird, funloving, or craving . Why is your hamster ac

Sick Hamster Hamster Health : Wet Tail: One of the more common hamster illnesses. Useful {42} € Funny {10} € Awesome {11} € Beautiful {11} € Interesting {11} My dwarf hamster was acting lonely when i gave it back to my friend, the other hamster i gave

my hamster is wobbly breathing heavy and seems lethargic : my hamster seems very tired, he is a little wobbly when he stands, . If they are not aligned properly and dont wear down normally, the teeth

my hamster looks like he is dying he is breathing hard eyes closed : Askville Question: my hamster looks like he is dying. he is breathing hard, The most common Hamster ailments are Tumors, Wet tail, Running

Hibernating Hamster Hibernation : Hamster hibernation secrets. Hibernation is the slowing or stopping usual activity during the winter for What do I do if my hamster goes into hibernation?

How to Treat Your Sick Hamster (with Pictures) : Is your hamster sleeping longer than usual? Keep in If your hamster screeches or makes a weird noise means it doesnt wanna be messed with or its tired.

I need HELP My hamster is acting strange sometimes =( : He acts normal, he eats, he drinks, he spins his wheel then suddenly he just stops and freezes ( I see he breaths and moves his nose ). I heard

hamster : my hamster is acting weird and when he walks he is leaning to one side. of weeks that he is not eating as much as usual and has lost weight.

20 Mistakes How to Kill Your Pet : If you follow simple logic: *hamster* wheels, hamster=NOT(guinea pig) =&gt NOT( guinea pig wheel). Please excuse my imprecise syntax. food in the cage, picking you up and never eating you, and acting really strange most of the time?

Weird Al Yankovic : My classmates seemed to think I was some kind of rocket scientist so I was labeled Yankovic, who was only getting average grades in his architecture degree, Wonder Hamster is a recurring character in The Weird Al Show and the Al TV Actor Van Patten is featured in both Smells Like Nirvana and Bedrock

Basic questions about Russian Dwarf Hamsters : The best way to keep them healthy is to provide good food with vitamins and If you assume your Russian dwarf hamster is pregnant, you may check my post If he is acting strange then you should go and meet the vet. icon smile Basic

Dwarf hamster has blood around genital area? Paw Talk : I have a female Russian dwarf hamster named Janis I got a month ago and last night I noticed she was acting weird. She wasnt weird. She wasnt very active like she normally is, and seemed to be oddly tired. Sounds like what happened to my hamster, who Im almost sure died from internal bleeding.