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Been sold a car by a dealer with a fake Mitsubishi : I purchased a car from one of registered dealers, and I just discovered a km reading which one of the service sticker said a different reading to . With a car that age it's easily possible the odometer was replaced at some

Citizens Advice : If you've been sold a car with a false mileage you may be able to get your money For example, if the seller told you the car had only done 56,000 miles when

CARFAX : CARFAX Reports can help reveal odometer reading history and provide info on Sarah thought she'd gotten a great deal on the used car she bought through a Since the dealer could only offer her $900 for the car, Sarah decided to go Get a

Odometer fraud : Odometer fraud occurs when the seller of a vehicle falsely represents the were sold each year with false odometer readings, resulting in a cost of over $1 in which a vehicle buyer might dete

4 Things to Know about an Odometer Reading : You are required to report odometer readings when a car is bought or sold vehicles odometer has reached the highest number possible and has started over at 1. Protecting yourself when buying a vehicle is the only way you can ensure

Odometer Fraud Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs : Tampering with or knowingly misrepresenting an odometer mileage reading is illegal statement is required whenever a vehicle is bought or sold, or at the end of a lease. Not only can he or she give an opinion on whether or not the overall .

BBC : Visit the Watchdog blog to read the latest reports, watch clips from the A car is clocked if someone interferes with the odometer (the mileage reading). Kevin bought the car, and only realised something was wrong

RTE Investigation Shows Car Mileage Tampering On The Increase : Car mileage 'clocking' is as big a problem as ever. The only sure fire way to combat clocking is to build a reliable the odometer reading on a second hand car in an effort to misrepresent it's past history. . who sold yo

Issue of Car Odometer Tampering in Singapore : Sometimes last year I bought a 3 years old Camry from a used car dealer However, I was even more shocked to learn that they do not regulate the odometer reading. if there is possibility of an organised scam to dupe potential car buyers. Th

Odometer Fraud Statistics : UK Trainee solicitor guilty of car clocking fraud be involved but jurors unanimously found her guilty after spending just under an hour Police don't know how many cars were sold with the incorrect odometer readings€¦ H

Federal odometer law : Altering the mileage reading on a motor vehicle is a felony. False odometer statement prohibition: moved from 15 U.S.C. § 1988 to 49 so that information regarding potential overlaps with other cases can be shared. when the car is sold to an odometer tamperer, the tamperer must take steps to conceal this information.

Can you check if the mileage on a car has been clocked : Yes Motorcheck can tell you if your car has been clocked Of course its worth noting that odometer readings can only be supplied where there are previous

Ultimate List of Car Buying Scams : Learn how to spot a fake dealer sticker . Compare the mileage on the odometer with the mileage indicated on the True certified used cars are sold ONLY through franchised dealers. If they try to pull this scam, youll have their promise in writing and a potential Read the fine print and research the model online.

Odometer Reading Vs Engine Performance Car Talk : A friend bought a car with a low odometer reading (70,000miles, tokumbo) but the engine failed after just 3 months of usage. It is possible to have a car with very low mileage less than 5000miles If you want to keep your car engine at the optimal performance, use genuine parts and avoids fake brands.

What used car problems should you watch out for : Odometer readings may be rolled back or documents can be forged. If someone buys a new car with major problems, and the manufacturer fails to Not just the tread thickness, look at the outer and inner walls for bulges indicating bad cords. . it could be running to rich bad injectors or possible carborator problems.

Impact study of mileage fraud with used cars Adaptability Car : Mileage fraud, or clocking of cars as it is more commonly known, is a major ing being a fraudulent activity, people are placing themselves at potential 7.2.3 High or relatively low adjustment of odometer reading . 76 that this indicates more than just ad hoc odometer tampering. No consumer accidentally buys a.

Buying a car : Once you have signed a contract you cannot just change your mind about the car . The law does What if my car breaks down when I bought it in a private sale? By law, when particulars about the vehicle odometer reading.

FAQs : Do you have questions about your CarProof vehicle history report? Visit our FAQ page for answers to help you order a report, read your report and more. When I buy a CarProof report, is it for one report only? What types of odometer readings are included in the report? CarProof Are there ways to spot a fake report?

How to avoid a clocked car : A statement on the auction page read: If your car has done Amazingly, he claimed both were possible, and hed even come to us with his kit. We even pretended not to know the mileage of either vehicle, just to see if he 887, fake dealer stamps and even service books can be bought on the Internet.

Bought a used car and later found that odometer rolled back : In IL, it is not required to report the odometer reading for vehicles older . its also possible that the seller just reset the codes right before selling. However, if he lied, i.e. ran an ad that displayed false mileage, thats a crime.