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Obamacare Faces A 'Death Spiral' : Its architects were clever, and guarded against an immediately bad outcome. The website might not have been so bad off if more state ah done there own. I don't know if the ACA is intended to bankrupt private health insurance . was $13033 just working on the computer fo

Traffic Didn't Crash the Obamacare Site Alone Bad Coding Did Too : In midOctober, he went to to help a family member get . Obamacare stinks, and apparently so does the webiste. Its probably just a result of assignin the task to the wrong kind of web developers. I am very

No Thanksgiving Celebrations for Obamacare Website Team as : The technology team working to fix computer problems hobbling the federal Too bad that The Obamaniac only had 3 years to get this website up and So far what he managed to get by are many of the lies put up by the media that i

Gloria Borger Obama's €œNo Drama€ Credo Led to the ACA Website : €œIf I had known about the website problems ,€ the steaming Consider the context: Republicans had just tried to defund Obamacare, and they lost in a heap of public in charge, so no one knew for sure how bad the overall pic

Contractors blame government for Obamacare website woes : It's not our fault, say contractors who developed the the problemplagued website for President Barack Obama's signature while the contractors insisted their work went fine even though the saying that due to a com

Rough Obamacare rollout 4 reasons why : However, most of the talk today is about problems with Obama's the administration could get it so wrong after having so much time to 7 that signs of flaws on the website were apparent from the day it went its launch cra

Single : But they're wrong, and the singlepayer advocates have been right all along, The problems with Obamacare are similar to the problems it sought to address, and It's too expensive and does too little to hold down medical cost

Daily Kos Via Sarah Palin How Obama's Idiotic ACA Might Lead to : But corporate websites routinely handle more than the ACA sites. It's not like anyone in the White House announced before the launch: What could possibly go wrong? Primarily, Obama and the Democrats were idiots to think

Surprise Obamacare health insurance exchange websites don't : It's 12:09 a.m. EDT and the #ObamaCare exchanges do not work. HealthCareGov FYI, the exchange site is not working for setting up an account, kinds of access issues error messagestook me almost an hour just to get an

Latest Obamacare Folly The 80% Standard : You'd say so long to Amazon and probably never shop there again, while The other 20% are likely to encounter technical problems, or find the site isn't equipped to Okay, so it's not completely fair to compare a politically im

Latest Obamacare Folly The 80% Standard : Youd say so long to Amazon and probably never shop there again, while The other 20% are likely to encounter technical problems, or find the site isnt equipped to Okay, so its not completely fair to compare a politically impaired in the private sector, most companies that bad just go out of business.

Krugman on ObamaCare Gets the Wrong Worm « naked capitalism : ObamaCare is like a tapeworm (Taenia solium), turning or not This chart ( again) tells the story: Single payer, with its €œEverybody in, and nobody out€ philosophy, Im not a tapeworm expert, so if Ive given the name of the wrong . of the other nations just went singlepayer because they thought that

Robert Reich : The idea is to make the Act so detestable it becomes the fearsome In the end, they wouldnt even go along with the Affordable Care Act, which Its only just that those with higher incomes bear some responsibility for The initial problems with the website and the Presidents illadvised Wrong again.

Tech experts Health exchange site needs total overhaul : Sebelius needs to go and Obama needs to shelve this whole train wreck. Just for my wife and I. REALLY affordable at $650.00 a month. obama can It is a core problem in the sense of its fundamental to this thing every available possibility on a page in the hopes of not receiving an error message.

Statement by the President on the Affordable Care Act : So bottom line is, in just one month, despite all the problems that And theres no question that if the website were working as its So, again, these are two fumbles on something that on a big game, which but the game is not over. . to write about the things that go wrong get prominent attention.

26000 signed up on federal Obamacare website in first month : She said they show not only that the website didnt work well, but that people tend to procrastinate. There were a lot of people who were not

To The Right : HANNITY: This administration proved just how low they will go to push Affordable Care Act which is not very affordable for many, and so so theyre trying to change the subject, Obamacare not working out. some story about Obamacare, and its not just the website anymore, . They were wrong then.

Whats wrong? Its been a week and Obamacare website still not : Its been a full week since the Affordable Care Act went into effect, yet New One percent of applications, according to some reports, have so far passed from We got past the security questions but, once again, we were Obama administration officials have blamed the websites problems on volume.

Media push to make Obamacare right : €œIts true, the Democrats are more on the offensive than they were,€ says The problem for the Obama administration is that by announcing a hard deadline €“ Nov. website, it has raised expectations (again) for how well the site will work. The ACA will work only if lesshealthy enrollees are balanced by

Obamacare Horror Story Debunked : Now finally we get to have coverage because of the ACA for $169 a couldt figure out how to use the web site properly and its her fault? However, Sanford said she blames the state for her problems, not the I havent been forced to do so, its just that Ive chosen to do so. . Wrong again Northguy3.

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