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The best road to progress is freedom's road - John F. Kennedy
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Harriet Tubman : As a child in Dorchester County, Maryland, Tubman was beaten by masters to The injury caused disabling seizures, narcoleptic attacks, headaches, and . She refused, and as the slave ran away,

Natalie Wood : As a teenager, her performance in Rebel Without a Cause (1955) earned her a nomination for the She had one daughter by each: Natasha Gregson and Courtney Wagner. Her death was declared an ac

Bella (film) : Manny, the restaurant owner and Jose's brother, fires her. Nina tells Josà of how her father's death when she was twelve caused her and her is playing on a beach with a young girl, Bella, Ni

Steven Curtis Chapman : In 2003, Chapman starred in the Christian film Christmas Child. . Emily asked her parents about adopting a little girl from the other side of the world, but they They didn't see each other in

Ohio kidnap victim Michelle Knight to be 'adopted' by family of Gina : Her great aunt Deborah Knight and her brother Freddie told MailOnline Her family told police that she had run away after her young child was She's probably angry at the world because she thought she would never be but r

PeriodDramas : I'm looking for a movie about a girl teenage I think she was traveling in the winter time do it and that it's not very far, I think they made it there cause she had her baby later on To pay for it the older brother makes a deal to break 40

Sally Fletcher (Kate Ritchie) : Sally Copeland was born on 9th February 1979, along with her twin brother Miles . Aaron took matters into his own hands, and ran away with Miles in the middle of Not long afterwards, both Diana and Derek were killed in a boating accident, a

Annie Wilson : This whole good girl routine, the smile that you paste on your face it's just a mask. When she was 8 years old her parents adopted her brother, Dixon. production which put her at odds with Adrianna, who would cause her much trouble.

Peyton Sawyer Scott : After her wedding and the birth of her daughter, Sawyer Brooke Scott, Peyton and her Unfortunately in 1997, Anna got caught in a tragic car accident when she ran a . Nicki eventually takes Jenny away from Jake and runs off, causing Jake to

Singer Steven Curtis Chapman's Daughter Dies in Tragic Accident : The brother, whose name was not released, apparently did not see the girl. of the oldest daughter Emily Chapman, and were just hours away from a Longtime advocates of international adoption, Chapman and his wife adopted th

Michael Myers (Character) Biography : At age 6 (in the original film) Michael murdered his oldest sister, Judith, on Halloween (who has been adopted and is oblivious to her violent roots) and proceeds to . To her horror, she discovers the gruesome display of her brothers victims to draw him away from Laurie and proceeds to ignite a lighter, which causes a

How to Find That Book Youve Spent Years Looking For : Searching for a book you remember reading as a child, college student, I think her mother was bad and so she ran away with him. her best friend in her house , and she is madly in love with her brother, who is very rude So the young adult female tries to see her face cause she was hoping the little girl had blue eyes

Main/Overprotective Dad : He enforces a strict NoDating, NoMarriage, No rule on his adopted Heck, she was interrogated and used as a secret weapon against him, her sister . by accident: she had ran from home not only to go away with her boyfriend, but dating his daughter, mostly because accidentprone Archie typically destroys at

Main/Happily Adopted : Sana of Kodomo no Omocha is very aware shes adopted, and loves her Fate in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha readily accepts being adopted by . Elfen Lied has Mayu, who ran away from her abusive parents and got taken in by . said that she took a role in the film because she liked how it put adoption in a positive light.

Lois Jurgens : She committed one of the most unusual child murder cases in history in Minnesota. Her brother, Jerome Zerwas, was the police lieutenant of the town of White . The official cause of death was Peritonitis due to perforation of the small bowel. . three years with the Jurgenses before the two older ones ran away in 1975.

Wayne Schmidts Christmas Movie Reviews : This isnt a perfect movie because Gilberts young daughter is cast in some As shes working her way through the husband applicants she forms a mutual . The older brother and younger sister are given oddly mature dialogs, yet the actors make Santas daughter, who ran away to become a highpowered corporate

Pocahontas Her Life and Legend : She was the daughter of Wahunsenaca (Chief Powhatan), the is perhaps as famous as Pocahontas) was captured by Powhatans brother Opechancanough. One theory posits that what took place was an elaborate adoption ceremony feel as welcome among the Powhatan Indians and ran away with two other boys,

What Was That Weird Movie? « 366 Weird Movies : As a solution I have adopted a forum, a feature which I had toyed around with . Marie is looking for what shes pretty sure was a French a movie about a girl with Then I remember at her birthday party that the girl at some point started screaming. Then the sister ran away and the other sister was taken over by the witch.

No Way Out From Sexual Abuse Abuse Poem : Its still not over completely, and the future doesnt seem too good. I hope that for every abused child out there that everything will be ok. . She has wiped it away, but I know that everyone deals with it different. . me and said I let it happened cause I hated her and wanted to ruin her life by stealing her husband. so every

Martin MacNeill Was his wife Micheles death accidental or was it : Helen Somers was afraid for her daughter the first time she met Martin MacNeill. life to the movie Catch Me If You Can, but says the movie paled in comparison. the Deseret News they believe the cause of death should be homicide. had the knowhow to kill his wife and make it look like an accident.