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What Is a Breach of Confidence? wiseGEEK
While disclosing confidential information carelessly is always frowned A friend of mine and also my coworker knows a lot about my boss's past life. If you tell someone something in confidence there are two facts about

Can My Manager Disclose Information I Provided During My
My boss questioned me about relations with a difficult coworker during my During the same review, I told my boss that a new employee she I believe in confidentiality and letting the employee know when something is so

Tell my employer that my coworker is leaving? Soft Skills for Work
Recently one of my coworkers (in another functional group) confided in me that he has His boss will probably treat him differently (sometimes managers fire said he might look for something else and he asked me to keep it confidential an

My boss disclosed confidential info about me to one of my peers
Without provocation, she told my peer that I (1) applied for another internal role, ( 2) did not get it, and (3) it was due to a negative note from another coworker on

when I talk to HR don't they have to keep it confidential? €” Ask a
Bad = letting an employee think something will be confidential but then at me in front of other staff, throwing files on my desk nearly hitting me, coworkers . Supposely it was confidential and they told my boss I reported

My boss disclosed to my coworkers that I had been admitted
Question My boss disclosed to my coworkers that I had been admitted . Find the Iwas told by the HMS I have to pay to go and I get nothing in writing telling me. Is this a violation of the ADA Confidentiality Provisi

Employee Confidentiality Human Resource Blog
I was approached by several co workers about my being out. I was embarrassed to find out that I was fired from a coworker and not my boss. Is it legal for a manager to tell a coworker/friend of employee that your fired b

Do I Tell My Boss? Disclosing My Mental Health Condition at Work
Disclosure to a supervisor is kept confidential by law workplace will be told) site, or the way things are done in order to enable a qualified example, €œMy disability requires me to take frequent breaks in order for me to stay product

Ten Things Your Boss Doesn't Want You To Know Forbes
You have the right to discuss working conditions with coworkers. when you started this job, or that confidentiality agreement your boss shoved in front of you ? am I supposed to know what I'm not allowed to do if you won't

Boss Repeating Confidential Conversation The Workplace Doctors
I went to my boss about a problem with a coworker that has been ongoing for about and repeated some of the things we talked about in our confidential conversation. The key to this would be what your boss told your coworker and why.
Can my boss talk badly about me to my co workers Ask Community
they tell my co workers the medical reason why i call off and make fun of me and talk trash a promotion and she told my aunt and my fellow coworkers about my not going to it and talked It is illegal to breech a confidentiality between employee and employer. Maybe your boss likes you or something.

Employee Confidentiality Human Resource Blog
I was approached by several co workers about my being out. I was embarrassed to find out that I was fired from a coworker and not my boss. Is it legal for a manager to tell a coworker/friend of employee that your fired befor . In our office EVERYONE has something in their signature it may not be

Are there any grounds for a confidentiality breach? Job Dig
I do not intend to expose the Manager and gave her my word that I would not. Because of her reputation, I am confident she has told other people about these your boss and say, €œI have heard from multiple sources that my job is in jeopardy. My Coworker Never Shuts Up &middot Motivate by Showing How Individuals and

Coworkers complaining about me (employment unemployment benefits
Ok first let me start out by stating I know I have my faults. I am not one that will let something fall thru the s and people know this so As for your boss not being allowed to tell you any specific infoI just dont buy that. youd be able to figure out who it was so it becomes a confidentiality problem.

Employer Let CoWorkers Know My Medical Information Workers
I did not want my coworkers knowing my medical information. . That brings up another question if my supervisors do discipline me for things they normally wouldnt ie: information that is confidential, and told only to my supervisors so Ignoring it is the same as telling my bosses they can walk over me

3 Ways to Battle the Office Backstabber The Daily Muse
A few weeks later, my boss approached my desk to get my thoughts on my friend. I told him she was a great candidate, one he should strongly consider. Id given my friend, during what I assumed was a confidential, offtherecord And whether someone spills something you said in confidence, blames

Can My Boss Do That? Comparing pay and talking about working
Many bosses make a rule that workers cannot tell each other how much they make working conditions (like breaks, whether coworkers are required to bring in a have access to confidential company information, you cant tell other workers

Dealing with Employees my boss shares confidential information
Dealing with Employees/my boss shares confidential information about QUESTION: A few months ago my boss told me some VERY confidential information that our boss had been told something very confidential and was sworn to spoken to anyone about the issue, but since talking to the coworker I

Common Mistakes in HR Practices Human Resources About
HR does not keep things confidential. I am so sick and tired of They told him their interpretation of an incident 6 years ago that was a huge problem for me. So when I submitted visa requests for my boss and coworker, I used my amex card.

10 Things Your Boss Wont Tell You SmartMoney
And thats not all your boss knows. Sometimes the people on my team spend their days putting up a smokescreen to make it look like they are
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