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Smell after a permanent that doesn't go away and what you can do : Everything seems to be pretty good, my hair seems like it might be a little dryer than I like and This smell is still very present 4 weeks later. The only reports of bad afterperm odors that didn't fade after a few days or a couple of shampoos

How to Do Get Rid of Perm Smell from My Hair? : The acid that is found in tomato juice can neutralize the ammonia that is used when giving a perm. If there is still a bad smell after completing all steps, repeat

Why does my hair smell bad after I wash it? it's just randomly started : the past couple times I washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner( that I've my hair smells like I just got a perm, but I've never had one. what's going on Of you still don't know whats wrong then change the type of s/c.

How to Get the Smell of a Perm out of Your Hair 8 Steps : One downside of getting a perm can be the strong smell that remains in your hair, sometimes for weeks. With your hair still wet, spray a healthy amount of detangler all throughout your hair, and work No matter what, after around two weeks,

strange smell after perm? BTC Forum : has had plenty of perms before and she says it's not a perm smell, it's bad. She said that the perm started right away and after a few washes it has heavily highlighted hair, my friend said that her hair would smell like rotten I ca

Horrible Perm Smell Will Not Come Out Of My Hair : Horrible Perm Smell Will Not Come Out Of My Hair This helps a lot but the smell is still there. Also Most manufacturers recommend rinsing for a minimum of 5 minutes after curl formation and before applying the neutralizer.

Great Perm Beautiful Hair : Permed hair doesn't have to mean: curly hair. of the proteins found in hair, 5.2 % in fact, and is in the first solution that smells bad in a perm.

The Relaxer Encounter : Getting a relaxer is NOT the worst thing in the world. Some care for chemically treated hair, and still think that relaxers are the worst thing in the world. . Even after the first hairwash after a relaxer did my hair smell l

Hair smell answers : I also use a coconut gel in my hair after I have straightened it, this not only makes it has a problem such as dryness or dandruff it could be the cause of the bad smell. So your saying that your hair still smells like perm after you shampo

Digital Perms My Digital Hair Perm Review : Digital Perms: My Awful Digital Perm Experience These methods work greatly for some €“ that's why I wrote the post €“ but for myself and other lazy Dang, so much for not spending time on my hair €“ but still, I did what he said. I´ve bee

Does Your Natural Hair Smell Good? : Hair can become rank after a few days of product, spritzing with water, . Well first my hair always smelled pretty bad when I was still relaxing but . I remember that rotten egg smell of a fresh perm that took weeks to dissipate.

Can i wash my hair just after my perm? : wait at least 48 hours after getting the perm to was your hair. if it smells bad, than put some good smelling hair spray in. 6 years ago Report

Are perms bad for your hair? : i have had a perm and my mum has had and has done quite a few perms your hair after the perm before the neutralizer that locks in and takes out smell not one that makes your hair curly if thats what you wanted, but i still

Care for Perms : Care for Perms tips and other expert General Hair Care advice including How to Maintain a Curly Perm, How to Remove Perm Smell From Hair and much Can You Wet Your Hair Every Day After Getting a Perm? How to Extend My Perm.

How to Wash Your Hair with Baking Soda and Vinegar : Now, you might be asking, whats so bad about shampoo? After being back on this method again for six months I can honestly tell you that I will never stop using it. . I do not smell vinegar in my hair whatsoever and I didnt use the essential oils in it. . Do you still use the vinegar rinse and then follow with the salt rinse?

How to Get Rid of Permanent Wave Smell in Hair : Get that terrible permanent wave smell out of your hair. the salon, but that happiness can quickly be replaced with frustration if the smell of the perm chemicals stick around long after the perm. How Can I Get the Perm Smell Out of My Hair?

That Girl is Hoisin DA PERM : At that point I also made an appointment to get my hair permed Step 6: Then he rinsed the solution out (still smelled bad), added a deep to shampoo/ condition your hair 4872 hours after the perm to let the solution set.

This isnt your mothers perm anymore (Photos) : And the smell my word the smell You know she had After you get your perm make sure your hair is cut into layers. Curly hair tends to poof Wondering if perms still have that bad smell that last forever? Unfortunately, yes.

What A Relaxer is Really Doing To Your Hair (Video) : However, many women choose to relax their hair to achieve She didnt promote bad beauty practices, she simply stated the purpose of the €œrelaxer€. Still, youve got to admit that braiding hurts a lot which is the reason some . I hated the burnt smell of dead hair after leaving the salon how my full, thick

Have you ever had a perm? « Weddingbee Boards : I trust her completely, but Im still nervous because I have heard horror stories. for a while (especially since you cant wash your hair for a while after the perm). Looking back, I really liked how my hair looked when it grew out a bit, and the that Miss Chapstick said I say go for it, but be ready to smell bad for a while ).