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Posted from link below. If you serch the link they have a lot of good information on   natural remadies, You still should take her to the vet when you
My sons hamsters eye is swollen and looks like it has infection : Posted from link below. If you serch the link they have a lot of good information on natural remadies, You still should take her to the vet when you
AZ Guide on Common Hamster Ailments and Illnesses : Causes: An abscess is an infection from a bite or cut. . My Hamster keeps pushing her cheek pouch out . If your hamster's eye is swollen but not watering or sticky, there have been corneal ulcers, and ingrown eyelashes
Why Are My Hamsters Eyes Stuck Shut? : It could also have an eye infection. Eye infection is one of the most common disease hamsters gets. What Do I Do If My Hamsters Eye Is Swollen Shut?
Hamsterific Hamster Illness Guide for Hamsters : Increased scratching, sneezing, runny eyes, swollen feet, wheezing or white flakes . Dwarf tapeworms: Hamsters infected don't usually show any symptoms.
Hamster Health Center : Knowing these hamster facts about health concerns could help you recognize a sick Often this is the result of an infection that has been left untreated, such as a bladder . Sometimes the tissue surrounding the eye gets swol
Sick Hamster Hamster Health : Abscesses: Pockets of infection that can form from minor breaks in the skin. . My dwarf hamster is suffering from blindness and a puffy eye and it looks like its
Swollen/ruptured dried up eye? : Just found my WW/hybrid dwarf, Biffy in a sorry state Will be phoning vet first The eye drops I have were for an eye infection in another ham.
Sticky eye hamster : The hamsters closed eye can be wiped with a small piece of cotton wool soaked in a luke Respiratory infections or the common cold usually affect both eyes.
Hamster eye popping out and dry ( HELP [Archive] : My Hamster Charlotte is about 10 months old. for her immune system and I figure if it is an eye infection it can't hurt her, plus she loves was still there all swollen, but I guess it was probably inevidable and most like
HamsterHealth2 : Wood shavings sometimes cause injury to a hamster's eye. Eyes may also For infection you should see a vet to get an antibiotic cream or eye drops. If your hamster In this case the hamster will look like he has a swollen face on one side
Disorders and Diseases of Hamsters Hamsters The Merck Manual : Conjunctivitis (pink eye) is an inflammation of the eye or swelling of the face that may be the result of injury, overgrown or
HELP twinkles eye is swollen [Archive] : i really need help. my hamster eye is swollen, it has some sticky stuff tt The other mommy hammie also recovered from the eye infection but
My hamster has a swollen eyelid Paw Talk : My hamster has a swollen eyelid. Im very worried about my almost two year old pandabear hamster, All of a sudden I noticed that one of her
Infected Eye on Hamster : my hamsters eye recently got infected I think. to do and it looks like around his eye its swollen and kinda blood shot on the side. i dont want to
sick hamster : This sounds like a respiratory infection (antibiotics from the vet if the My dwarf hamster has a red swollen eye, it has been like this on and off
My hamsters eye is crusted over Infection? : Its possible that Tiny either has an eye infection or maybe has a scratch on his eye. Hamsters can sometimes get a swelling around their eye because of an
Hamster Health Hammie Land : Hamster Fun Facts &middot Hamster Fighting &middot My Hammie Escaped Since it is a bacterial infection your hamster will need antibiotics from a vet. However, if the eye looks very red, very irritated, swollen, or inflamed your hamster needs to see the
Hamsters : A site designed specifically for the diagnosis and treatment of hamster so you can go to the vet and say, Maybe it could be this that my hamster has got. Same virus that affects humans and can readily infect humans and vice versa. Bathing eye in a mixture of sterile water and boric acid powder using an eye dropper.
What Can I Do If My Hamster Has An Eye Infection? : Set the hamster down for a moment to let them do the cleaning to the eye, and then repeat the process I think my hamster has an eye infection and I dont know what to do, I used my kids eye drops on What To Do If Dog Has Swollen Eye?
Ask the Veterinarian hamster eye infection hamster expert syrian : I noticed a week ago that my syrian hamster (9 months) had a swollen eye which was also red. I brought my hamster to the vet straight away