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Annoying apple Id pop up that won't go away : Annoying apple Id pop up that won't go away. 209 Views 2 I deleted my original apple Id email log in but cannot get a pop up for the old log in on my iPad to go away. How do I get rid of this I have this question too (0) .

Having trouble with changed apple ID Apple Support Communities : Now it is asking me to sign into iCloud using the old email address. is showing up in the iCloud section but since it will not accept any passwords I can not remove it. It is just very annoying to get constant pop ups ask

Can't delete iCloud calendars Apple Support Communities : They're present on my iPhone, icloud, and the Calendars app. annoying, anybody have any idea how to get these things to go away and not First, log in to your icloud account on your Mac/PC. A popup dialogue bo

Keeps asking for OTHER PEOPLE'S apple id and password : I went into iCloud in Settings and I noticed that my phone still said Restore tell it was back to normal (minus the annoying apple id prompts). It warned me that I would lose whatever had not been restored yet. . I would just cli

iCloud Mail : I have iCloud setup on my MacBook Pro and iPad using mail, calendar It used my new .me account as the user (only the name, not the me). I can login to iCloud's web app and use the MBP and iPad without an issue.

Blog TIPS AND TRICKS iCloud and Photo Stream : In the popup, click on the Photo Stream tab, and check what you want Photos will not be copied into Photo Stream if your mobile device has less On an iPhone or iPad: I was getting annoyed with people telling me I had

Review Apple Brings iPhoto to the iPad : iPhoto for the iPad draws from that app, and can export edited images You're not going to be doing Photoshopesque effects, masking or blending. there is an occasional (and somewhat annoying) popup telling you that it's

Stop iOS Asking to €œVerify iCloud Password€ : the popup dialog shows up randomly but most often when unlocking Clicking OK and entering the password makes it go away for the shows and rather than entering the password click €œCancel€ and do the following: That mes

iPad mini tips and tricks : You can deactivate the €œSent from my iPad€ message right in First, make sure you're signed in to your Facebook account. will pop up at the bottom, swipe to the leftmost screen and there will be a landscape lock button on

You got an iPad now what? : If this is your first iPad but you have an iPhone or a Mac, iCloud is your easy setup. Download Apples Find my iPhone app and you can ping any of your In iOS 6, you can bake in your Twitter and Facebook login so that you all the time via banners and other annoying popups on your home screen.

iOS A visual history : January 9th, 2007. In the fiveplus years since then, the iPhone, iPad, and Facebook announces alpha testing program for Android, says.

Having trouble with iMessage or FaceTime on iOS 7? Heres how to : Hard reboot your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad . Even if the patch is 10MB, you want the whole update and the only way to When you have a new iphone set up, you can log onto iCloud and re My Facetime and imessage both tell me to check my network And the best option is, go and get BBM4All ).

Troubleshoot an iOS device that wont sync in iTunes : iTunes cant find my iPad, iPhone or iPod over WiFi I get a pop up on the screen that says €œHigh resolution images synced via iTunes are

iCloud Revisited My Minds Somewhat at Ease : Last week I railed on iCloud and claimed that it was breaking my mind. Ive learned quite a few things as Ive gone in, messed with settings, and Welcome Sign In Still, I can by a book on my iPad, start reading it, then pick up later TV except I can only partially make my purchase history go away.

The 15 Most Annoying Things About iOS 7 for iPhone : How to Download Play Game Boy Advance ROMs on Your iPad or . Now you can have one less app on your iPhone, though, I really like my old flashlight If youre not going to put a shortcut for Settings in the Control Center, maybe this Since changing to iOS 7 now my phn ask me to login to iCloud every time I use

Apple Asks iPhone Owners for Security Info on Home Screen : Apple has started to prompt iOS users to enter security questions in an If you see the pop up, dont be alarmed, simply tap the Security Info Just click the link below to verify, sign in using your Apple ID and Look on the worse side, my iPhone asks me every time I want to Mine says Improve Apple ID.

Apple improving iTunes account security with stricter requirements : Apple has begun asking users to select and answer a series of to me to make password changes ALL OVER the place, i.e.: iCloud login, Furthermore, I dont want capital letters in my password, as it slows Why, for example, do I have to log into the app store to download a . He knew her right away

Apple giveth and Apple taketh away features users miss in iOS 6 : iPhone 5 and 4S users now have a cool new Panorama mode in the Camera app , we can sync Reminders and Notes over iCloud, privacy controls have A number of Ars readers wrote me with their own stories about to Gift This App underneath the ratings and next to Tell a Friend. My Stories: 25.