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A riding accident left half my brain clinically dead : Sarah Kemp was left in a coma after a riding accident crushed the left side of her brain. Doctors said if she ever A riding accident left half my brain clinically dead but I've recovered. The riding almost back to normal. The fact that I can

I had a blood clot on my brain : I had a blood clot on my brain and nearly died One of the dreadful side effects was that I temporarily lost my sense of smell, which was frightening because I

Survivor Stories : I have a small aneurysm on the left side of my head, too small to do anything with I nearly died and was unconscious when my husband got me to the hospital

What are Brain Lesions? (with pictures) : Though often caused by disease or trauma, brain lesions are not always cause for The symptoms are there, but nothing on the MRI until you are almost dead . I then had numbness and lost all strength in my right side.

I survived a brain aneurysm : but then I remember that three months ago I was almost dead, and today I'm Unfortunately the brain injury has left me permanently deaf in my right ear and my My brother and i found my father and was there by his side till they told us we

Traumatic Brain Injury Basics : Fiftytwo thousand people die from it. Surrounding the brain is an almost rubbery, clear layer of tissue called the dura mater. I have intense pressure in my left had side of my skull the side the injury almost 3 decades ago happened.

Not Dead Yet Style LeftBrain and Right : It can be a problem for my style, because style is part organization and part as well as bloggers, and no doubt have a strong rightbrain orientation. i'm definitely a mix. nearly right down the middle there i *was* an

Sherry Fuller Tapeworm in my brain almost killed me : Voluntary worker reveals how tapeworm in brain nearly killed her. By Sam I went to my doctor who looked into my right eye. Part of it She was given steroids to deal with the side effects and antiepilepsy drugs. Ms Fuller

The 5 Most Terrifying Ways Your Brain Can Turn on You : It's not until you turn up the volume and hear the almost Tourette'slike sounds coming out of her But you only have eyes for Juan, and Jermaine is dead to you. So if you stub your left toe, it will be the right part of the

Brain Aneurysm My Son The Best Boy : My son, Daniel Anthony Chattin, age 11, died on Febru , of a stroke. They put a brain pressure monitor on the right side of his head in the AM of It was almost as if he knew that he had a limited time, and had to live as full a l

What is a Brain Haemorrhage? Gaget Girl : My best friend died of a brain haemorrhage almost 8yrs ago at the age of 19, . I am paralysed on my right side (left hemispher was touched).

Arizona Woman Nearly Dies as Brain Fluid Leaks Out Her Nose : Arizona Woman Nearly Dies as Brain Fluid Leaks Out Nose. Dec. . it would literally pore out of the left side of my nosepour, not pore.

Virtually Brain Dead : Contrary to doctors assertions that she was virtually brain dead, Haleigh is of abuse, Haleigh was beaten nearly to death by her aunt and stepfather. My intention is not to lambaste the Massachusetts Department of Social Services. from brain damaged patients, but the feeding tube was left in place,

left brain stroke treatment : My mom had a severe hemorrhagic stroke on the left side of her brain on Nov 11. It is almost her third week and she does not seem to know who we are. She is . It is like saying that the operation is successful but the patient is dead. I live in

What is a Brain Stem Stroke? (with pictures) : Even with immediate care, however, the patient may die or enter a coma, . clinically died for seven minutes, almost bit my own tongue off and had a trach done . It affected my left side, leaving me with a weak arm and leg.

Right Brain Magic : Unleash superhuman power through the right side of your brain i amust mention again my family is large, I have experienced death many times over Yes I practise it almost daily and sometimes several times daily usually before work,

What you really wanted to know about brain aneurysms but were : So heres the straight dope on brain bleeds from one exceptionally stupid but€¦ and Ive only had a 9 €œhope to die€ pain once in my life, this wasnt it. I had a long series of almost continuous bad headaches €” which may . At first I heard a clicking sound in the right side of my head, then the pain came.

Human brain : The left and right sides of the cortex are broadly similar in shape, and most cortical areas are The cortex of a rat or mouse is almost perfectly smooth. of blood vessels in the brain, is another major cause of death from brain damage.

What is a Stroke/Brain Attack? : When brain cells die during a stroke, abilities controlled by that area of the . The incidence rate for first stroke among African Americans is almost double that of Sudden severe headache often described as the €œworst headache of my life€ The right hemisphere of the brain controls the movement of the left side of the