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Itchy red belly button piercing? : I got my belly pierced three days ago and it's itching really bad It's a little red, but not SUPER red, just kinda pink. The redness is also not

Is a navel piercing supposed to itch? : I've had my standard navel for 4 1/2 months and my€¦ Itching is good that means it is healing. Just try your I had my navel pierced and it was itchy and red.

What Are The Signs Symptoms Of Rejecting Belly Button Rings : When your body rejects a belly button piercing, the jewelry moves to the surface of the skin and eventually comes out. Add to my favorites Symptoms of an allergy to the piercing are an itchy, red rash, and the hole around

Is that body piercing rejecting or is it infected? : Both an infection and a rejected piercing can itch, but this should be your Redness: Both an infected and rejecting piercing will be red around

My belly ring is itchy and red I got it pierced a week ago and I am : My belly ring is itchy and red I got it pierced a week ago and I am using anti bacterial soap and salt and water to clean it it's been really annoying and itchy for

Why is my belly piercing itchy : Red and itchy belly button piercing. Could it be infected? My belly button is itchy and red and sometimes wet and sometimes crusty. I don't have a piercing and

My belly button is itchy and red and sometimes wet and : If you have an inny belly button, they do not air out well. As a result, it is possible to develop irritation or an infection. You can try using alcohol to gently clean it

Red itchy belly button : Red and itchy belly button piercing. Could it be infected? How do I treat this? My belly button is itchy red crusty smelly and bleeding ?

Belly Button Ring Itches : Belly Button Ring Itches. Question Posted Tuesday July 12 2011, 4:25 am. I got my belly button pierced almost 2 years ago. I've had the same belly button ring in

Aftercare for Body Piercing RoxanneRock : I'd like my information to reach more than just my clientel and customers so here Female nipples and navels can even take up to a year or longer to look and feel . If your piercing seems dry, red and itchy at all make sure you are rinsing

belly button piercing is red and painful · Skin Itching Rashes : i got my belly button pierced last week and it started hurting yesterday. its been red and it hurts pretty bad. ive been washingit every day 3 times

Belly Button : NAVEL PIERCING AFTERCARE Once pierced, your body should immediately do some blood clotting at the site of Wounds that swell can become a little itchy . Many normal bellybutton piercing get a little red bump at one or both ends of

whats going on with my belly ring? : Instead, the whole general area around my navel is very itchy, particularly if touched by anything. It doesnt look very red, but I have medium

Belly button piercing infected or not? : I got my belly button pierced about 3 weeks ago now and in the last few days its developed a red rash ring right round my belly button just. just got my bellybutton pierced about three weeks ago and right now its a little itchy.

Itchy Belly Button : Yeast infection makes the belly button itchy. Skin disorders like eczema and skin hives may be other reasons behind red itchy belly button. A harsh soap or a

acinfect : Navel piercings which lean to one side have most likely been subjected to area becomes red, swollen, hot to the touch or itchy you get discharge which is

Itchy red bumps rash around navel piercing : I am a 16 year old girl, and I got my belly button pierced about a month ago. A few days ago, I formed a red, itchy rash and bumps inside and around my navel

Body Piercing Frequently Asked Questions : My piercing is red and seems to be infected what can I do? How long Does it itch? Does the . Remember, piercings such as the navel and nipple tend to get irritated easily because they are in active areas of the body.

I Have A Red Bump Under My Belly Button Piercing If I Pop It It Will : My Belly Button Piercing Has Little Red Blisters At The Top And Bottom. I Have Red Small Itchy Bumps On My Stomach They Look Like A Pimple But Pimples

Body Piercing : Information for teens about body piercings including how its done and care tips to Egyptian pharaohs pierced their navels as a rite of passage. Symptoms may include redness, irritation, itching or burning when the piercing is cleaned, or a can cause the openings of the piercing to become red, overly dry and ed.