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If you are overweight, then a common cause of numbness in the thigh is pinching   of one branch.   For a few weeks my left thigh was feeling numb and tingly.

What would cause my thigh to feel numb and tingly off and on for a
If you are overweight, then a common cause of numbness in the thigh is pinching of one branch. For a few weeks my left thigh was feeling numb and tingly.

Leg Pain or Numbness and Tingling
I had shooting pain in my right arm for a week. Leg pain or numbness/tingling is usually the result of either nerve pressure or compromised blood flow somewhere between the low Often times it feels as though the pain wraps over the leg.

Why Do My Legs Feel Numb/Tingly ?
im 14 only my muscle still hurts right now but my head hasnt been hurting in a while so i dont think its that. 1 year ago. legs still feel tingly&nbsp

Sharp Tingling Numb Burning PAIN in Left Thigh HELP
The pain feels as though it's on the top or very close to the outside edge I've had this before, in my right thigh as well, but much milder and it&nbsp

MERALGIA PARESTHESIA (numbness in thigh area) due to obesity
I have had the numbness, tingling, feels like it's asleep thing going of. But now I've developed the soreness on the outside of my left thigh.

Numbness and tingling MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia
Numbness and tingling are abnormal sensations that can occur anywhere in your Injuring a nerve (a neck injury may cause you to feel numbness anywhere a low back injury can cause numbness or tingling down the back of your leg)&nbsp

Tingly and numbness in my right leg
Tingly and numbness in my right leg Welcome to However, the skin area still feels numb ALL THE TIME now and has been bothering me.

Tingling in my thigh like pins and needles feeling
For the past few months I have been experiencing the tingling feeling in my right thigh as if it has fallen asleep. It occurs when I am actively&nbsp

Leg Pain and Numbness What Might These Symptoms Mean?
Leg pain and foot pain is often caused by a condition in the lower back. gradually return to normal can imagine what numbness in a leg would feel like. Typical symptoms can range from a slight tingling sensation to complete numbness dow

What might be behind my right arm and leg feeling numb?
I've been feeling weird numbness in my right arm and leg for over 1 week now. It's not tingling and there are no shooting pains. I can use both&nbsp
What is Paresthesia? (with picture)
Paresthesia occurs when part of the body gets tingly or falls asleep. Sometimes I do feel that my legs are losing power when I suffer from this condition. For the past month on my right thigh in one area theres numbness.

Burning amp Numbness in Left Thigh
My God I thought I was the only one my left thigh feels as though it is by tingling, numbness and burning pain in the outer side of the thigh.

tingling/burning/numbness in leg
Later that night, I couldnt feel much in either leg, and I was quite sedated. Now, my problem is that my right leg is tingly, numb, and burning.

My hands legs constantly have that tingly numb feeling But the
Askville Question: My hands legs constantly have that tingly, numb feeling. But, the numbness on my left thigh never goes : Conditions&nbsp

MS Numbness and Tingling Tips Multiple Sclerosis
Read the full article here: Tips for Dealing with Numbness and Tingling as a Symptom of Multiple Sclerosis I have no doubt that we all want to feel better and we all understand I could have written this myself except that mine is on my right side. The numbness in my left leg lasted about 34weeks.

Leg goes numb/tingly
In both rides, randomly during our work, even to just standing still, I would feel my right leg suddenly go tingly like its been asleep for a bit, then&nbsp

Tingling and numbness in right leg and arm Diabetes
Hi, Recently we found out my husband has Diabetes type 2 so, dr. has but he is feeling tingling and numbness in right leg and arm since few&nbsp

Neurological Disorders Forum
numbness and tingling on right arm and leg . My right arm and leg feel numb and tingles it has been happening for about 3 weeks now. Its feels&nbsp

What Causes a Tingling Thigh?
It can also progress to a point where the thigh becomes completely numb. I have a mild case of restless leg syndrome, and I feel tingling in my thighs, calves, &nbsp

How Would You Describe Your Numbness? [Archive]
I describe as numb. But I dont know if thats the right word to describe it. Cold ? I can be numb but not feel any tingling. I just dont feel It feels like my leg is starting to go to sleep, but just the flesh part. Or like my skin is&nbsp
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