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Stepped on kitten : My little 4 week old kitten was stepped on by my sister a few days ago . a clothes pile in the bathroom and my sister accidently stepped on him

Will my kitten live through the night after being stepped on : My dad walked into his room where my kitten was sleeping on the ground and accidentally stepped on her. It was dark, because the I had a cat once who decided to sleep under my sisters car tire. Unknowingly she started

Accidentally Killed My Cat : Accidentally Killed My Cat : A true, personal story from the experience, A little while later i walked through the laundry room and saw my kitten Leeloo in I know my sister and mom are screaming and I come running found my cat laying on

My reaction when I accidentally stepped on my cats tail : I stepped on one my cat's tails and then my other one got puffed up and angry at me. That's my These were the first pictures my sister and I took. 798 points.

My daughter (4) killed our kitten Parenting : He was dead. My husband walked in the door at that moment from work. My sister and I both accidentally killed kittens as children. One was

I stepped on my cat : My new cat (3 days now he's a year old though) likes to sit on the top step of my stairs. And don't feel stupid about stepping on your cat, My sister and I are proud owners of two adorable cats: my sister's cat is a feisty

My son accidentally stepped on our 5 week old kitten 3 weeks later : My son accidentally stepped on our 5 week old kitten.3 weeks later she seems fine(runs, plays with her sister, eats well) but she has very poor

accidently stepped on cat [Archive] : Archive accidently stepped on cat Health Chat (Cats) when i went into my garage my cat was under the steps and i went down and and it seemeed like i hurt her pretty bad. my sister and i picked her up and her and saw

To cry because I accidentally hurt my cat? : I cried when I accidentally trod on my cat's tail. I really And when I was a kid I paralysed my sisters hamster by accident. I had cleaned him

My Cat is an Asshole : So yeah, it's been like 6 months since my last post but c'mon€¦ but he's not €œ wild€ or ferral, he doesn't display street cat tendencies like his sister DC does (the winning theory on So the other day I accidentally locked AC in the bathroom

Hey I accidentally spilt hot coffee on my 5 month old kitten : Question Hey I accidentally spilt hot coffee on my 5 month old kitten AL. is a better next step in Jacks treatment, and hopefully have saved us $800 However, I am passing along the information to my sisterinlaw (a catrescue person

I got hurt tripping over my cat [Archive] : Over the past couple of years, I accidentally stepped on the cat Pray for my patience, please, i amay run out before my sisterinlaw gets back

Kitties : Crazy cute kittens Two years ago my sisterinlaw found 5 one week old orphans (Mother was hit by car) and didnt know My dog is 70 pounds and accidentally stepped on one once, causing a very expensive er vet trip.

The Saddest Thing I Own My Cat Knew He Was Dying : I went on a vacation with my sister and when I called home I was told that 2007, my cat of 15 years, Mama Cat, just walked out the door and I cant find her

Cats : Sirpa is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share

I think my dog killed my cat : He weighs 100 lbs and could really do damage to a little cat. He had him a month ago one of our friends was here and accidently stepped on his paw. . Even those eat bastard toy dogs have it, my sister in laws chihuahua gos after rabbits.

I nearly died after feeding my cat toast : Last year, catlover Graham Forster was accidentally bitten by his I lost 126lbs for my Christmas party: Obese mom who couldnt walk, bathe

When a Cat Dies Cats : My sisters kitten/cat just died today she was run over so sad we r all the funniest meow too she sounded like a duckif you walked up to her,

Introducing a New Kitten to Your Resident Cat : Anytime you introduce a new pet to your resident pets there are some steps you can follow to make it a positive Well 3 weeks ago I got my first kitten she is almost 4 months old. Now my 10 month old, she was found in a bag with her dead brothers and sisters. (With the door shut so the two do not accidentally meet.).

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