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Why Does My Amplifier Go into Protect Mode? : In order to find out why your amplifier goes into protect mode, you will need to read the owner's manual. It might A shorted output, bad output transistor. need more info. Something in the wiring is wrong, thus making the amp go into protect mode to prevent why is my amplifier for my

My amp keeps going into protect mode? : I have 2 subs bridged into my amp, i just got a different car and they its making you amp go into protection mode. try unplug the subs and ohmic value of the speakers to make sure they haven't shorted out. This may also cause the coils

Car Amplifier Troubleshooting Guide : Protect Light Upon Powering On If the light turns off, check your speakers and subwoofers for defects. If it is under powering the woofer, it will wear the amp out and cause it to clip Keep your RCA cables, power and ground connected.

My amp keeps going into protect mode ive broken it down and it only : Your rockford fosgate amp keeps going into protection mode when you hook up the you might have you subs hooked up wrong i the box idk check and make sure Why does your amp go into protection mode? A shorted output, bad output transisto

Amp in Protection Troubleshooting : Other amplifiers ONLY illuminate the protect LED when there is a problem. There are a few amps (some JL Audio) that will go into protect and none of in voltage (too short to be seen on a standard multimeter) will cause the amp amp , the

Car audio : The subwoofer is wired with 10ga speaker wire to the subwoofer channel on the amplifier. I had the same problem before I tore into the car (just was running a Spade connectors should be fine, to my knowledge. of power for one reason or

Common Car Amplifier Problems and Solutions TechLore : That's the most common cause for an amplifier to go into protection. If you have several in parallel, it may seem as though the entire group shorted, but generally one fails Problem: Amplifier keeps blowing fuses. . subs

Stereo HU keeps going into protect mode : I've had my Kenwood stereo installed in my 96 Grand Cherokee for have an late riot suggestion that might be causing the problem? . Kenwoods go into protect mode due to a short in the speaker wiring, if they measure less, that means the

When Good Amps Go Bad : Learn how to troubleshoot a dead sub car amplifier in this car stereo Hi amy name is Movin On, and I've been working in the field of car the amplifier that is going to go on and put the amp into protection mode if that are on the amplifier protect the amp from a shorted subwoofer. PREVENT CLIPPING

Car Audio Amplifier Blowing Fuses : Reasons a car audio amplifier may be blowing fuses. failure in amplifiers and are also the most common cause of an amplifier going into protection mode.

When Good Amps Go Bad : Usually a component has opened or shorted, or an electrical connection has when the tube shorted, it burned out the screen grid resistor, or the cause of Fuses are rated in amps (the unit of current measurement), and, in addition to where protection against instantaneous current peaks is required to prevent damage.

amp went into prot and never came out : i replaced the fuse but it just keeps blowing out. all of the wires are the you could have shorted the amp out What model amp is it? can cause an amp to go into protection without there being a single my amp went into protection like that. it turned out to be a blown fuse on If not, your subs are fried.

Amplifier Troubleshooting Emonatics : All of Emotivas amplifiers are very well protected theyll go into protect mode very easily (this is a good thing). They do it to protect both the amp itself and you speakers. In a normal system you will have a number of variables that can cause . If it plays, then you may have had a strand of the speaker wire shorting out that

How to Troubleshoot Dead Sub Amplifier : Learn how to troubleshoot a dead sub car amplifier in this Howcast car stereo Hi amy name is Movin On, and Ive been working in the field of car audio and light on the amplifier that is going to go on and put the amp into protection mode if to want to check your subwoofer next and make sure that it is not shorted out.

classicaudio Service Department Ask The Tech Tim : Please keep your questions limited to issues regarding classic equipment, i.e. If I leave the amps on very long, even before they go into overload protection, they it off, it will also pop immediately after the protection mode red light goes out. In other words, my tape decks output gets shorted (thereby knocking out the

Amplifier Enters Protection Mode When Volume Is Up : I have touched on this briefly in other threads, but have never gotten a Auto App Mart &middot Store Audiobahn ALUM12Q 12 subwoofer (dual 6ohm voicecoil 3ohms) and I turn the volume up, my amplifier will go into protection mode . Only other idea is that the audiobomb sub might be shorting out a

car bass capacitor possibly not holding charge not sure : my car bass system doesnt seem to be working properly. i have 2 10 subs, a matching amp, and a capacitor. the bass thump keeps skipping at peak intervals. my cap, It appears the amplifier is going into protect mode from one of the following: out when the speaker is at its peak (xmax) travel or one of the subs

Amp going into protection mode : My car had 2 alpine s type subs powered by the sound stream Mono block Is there an easy fix or would it have to go back to the place i got the subs put in at? I have certain songs the cut my amp out for my subs, it just requires me to turn the Usually, shorting wires would cause your amp fuse to blow.

Amp Protect Mode The Amplifier Area Car Audio Forum : Page 1 of 2 Amp Protect Mode posted in The Amplifier Area: Open will present an infinite amount of resistance on the amplifier and wont cause it to protect, a shorted coil Does the amplifier go into protect with the Sub Driver disconnected . well just took my old fuse and fuse holder out power wire is