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Strange aching sore spot deep in left front neck/throat · Throat : I told him it doesn't feel like it is IN my throat at all. It is the left side, just under the back of my jawthe pocket in between the tendon . tired, I have a bruised, pressured feeling in my left neck that feels like it is damaging my

Throat feels bruised when i swallow : When I swallow , it feels like the back of my throat or tongue is bruised. I cannot see any white coating or spots on my tonsils, but the left side does bother me

Throat Cancer : The left side of my throat hurts and my left ear is painful sometimes it rings. It hurts really bad when I swallow even swallowing liquids. Sometimes I feel like

Ear nose and throat : It started about this time last year when i got a sore throat, It was not like a . I have had a bruised feeling to the right side of my Adam's Apple

swolen neck glands with pain : about 4 months later i still have the same problem,feeling tired all the time the left side of my neck and feels very bruised to touch,when i go out i feel . Get tested for mono not every case is the same, e.g sore throat. for me,

neck glands sore to touch : The gland on the right side of my neck feels swollen, and when I touch it, it seems up in the morning. and the gland under my right side neck throat is sore to touch., what is it? And today they feel bruised and sore, though no visible sign

Sore throat/lump feeling on the left hand side PLEASE help : I developed sore throat on the left hand side about 2 months ago after a cold. The pain is only there when I swallow also a feeling of

Have this wierd feeling in the left side of my throat/jaw/ear all : Right side of throat: Feels like I only swallow on left side of throat. Feels My glands feel bruised at times and sometimes my neck is rock hard.

Thyroid Cancer Symptoms : Semilarge noticeable lump on the right side of neck back and forth for about 3 years before i was diagnoised. my dr found nodules on my throat but i felt fine.

Sore throat associated with pain on one side of head : Earache and right side of my throat is sore and feels like its draining. Actually took The bruised head feeling came by itself and it is pretty sore. I am taking

Ear Nose Throat Board Index neck hurts when swallow : I can hear well.top of eyes hurt feel pressure, neck hurts, and the side of the neck Tenderness/Pain in front of neck on right side of windpipe Why? Sep 6 and now a few hours later i lightly push my neck and throat area and it feels bruised.

Left side of throat hurts to touch : Extreme pain and choking sensation on left side of throat. What should I do? Swallowing is painful and next to impossible. Feels like a classic sore throat but

Painful swallowing MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia : You may feel it high in the neck or lower down behind the breastbone. Chest pain, the feeling of food stuck in the throat, or heaviness or pressure in the neck

Sore Throat Symptoms : Symptoms and signs of a sore throat include: swollen tonsils (two small glands It feels as if something is swollen at the back of my throat on the left hand side.

Ear pain and GERD : and had developed a swollen feeling on the right side of my throat . and extreme irritation in my right ear and throat with bruised feeling at

I keep getting a really sore neck just the right side feels like : I do not have a cold or sore throat or ear infecti€¦ The pain feels like when you have a bad bruise (around the spot you would take youre

Expanded list of symptoms of Fibromyalgia : Areas throughout the body may feel bruised when touched. The tender point is Recurrent sore throat. One side may be more painful than the other. A small Betty Stenhouse They said mine is due to my left leg being longer. January

Investigating Domestic Violence Strangulation Blue Sheepdog : €œChoking€ is what happens when something lodges in the throat, The middle of my back towards the right side feels bruised as well.

Chest Pain : Chest pain is the feeling of discomfort and pain, anywhere in the chest. The causes of chest pain on the left side can be different from those of chest pain on the right. and leads to chest pain, as well as bruising and inflammation in severe cases. . When experienced together, throat and chest pain, can be symptoms of

What Are Neck Tumors? (with picture) : Swelling and tenderness in the neck can be side effects of other issues such as bruising or infection. One of the lumps is located on the left side of my neck, just below my I am also suffering from these throat problems, which seems like a Its just the dirty feeling which makes our minds crazy and our