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Smoking marijuana and seizure like symptoms : it seems to happen when i smoke really good weed. purple dank has been a recurring factor in many of them. also it tends to happen after a big

Marijuana and seizures : So ive been hearing alot about weed and seizures and how it can help and stuff. What Happens to Brain Function After Surgery for Hypothalamic Hamartoma?

Can weed cause seizures? Question Answer : Yesterday i smoked for the 2nd time since the seizure and i took probably 3 hits quick (even for weed). the next morning my head felt a little fuzzy but after a

Fainting/seizures after smoking pot : My question is: Is there any way I can have epilepsy with these signs? My fainting only comes after smoking high quantities of weed and not

can smoking marijuana cause seizures? Epilepsy : After that i fell to the floor and began going into a seizure. I was wondering if me smoking weed was the reason for me going into the seizure.

Marijuana stops child's severe seizures : Charlotte Figi was having 300 grand mal seizures a week. Emily Bauer ended up in the emergency room after smoking synthetic marijuana.

Can marijuana abuse lead to a seizure : Yes As your brain tries to pull out of the fog that follows marijuana use it can lead to a seizure. It can happen in the morning after a night of heavy smoking or

Passed out and Seizure after smoking pot : Passed out and Seizure after smoking pot . I am currently doing 'immunotherapy' injections every other day since mid August. I take 20mg

Epilepsy or seizure from marijuana ? Epilepsy Forum : If you smoked the same stuff before or after, and you didn't have this same experience, then maybe, and i amean maybe, you had a seizure.

Marijuana Controls Seizure Activity : I started having seizures at age 38 shortly after a csection which smoking pot is legal here so it has nothing to do with worrying about the

Marijuana use and the risk of new onset seizures : Marijuana use and the risk of new onset seizures. J. C. Brust, S. K. Ng, A. W. Hauser, and M. Susser. Department of Neurology, Harlem Hospital Center, New

Had a seizure after smoking weed now my body wont let me smoke : Hello, So I love weed, I am (was) an every day smoker. UNTIL. Three weeks ago I had snorted a roxie. I barely even do pills but do them once

Seizures Like Demi amoores Seen Quite Often After Smoking Spice : Medical experts say that seizures are a frequent side effect of the use of the You donapost have seizures from smoking weed and if this

Is Marijuana an Effective Treatment for Epilepsy (Seizures : Marijuana use appeared to be a protective factor against first seizures in men. Seizures have been reported in patients after they used THC

Yesterday i had a seizure after smoking weed are the two related : i have never had a seizure before, but yesterday after smoking only one joint, i had 2 seizures. i dont know whether smoking weed caused the

Weed causing seizures and anxiety attacks? : First incident, me and some buddies were smoking mass, a few hours later, the guy I was smoking a blunt with my friend and his girlfriend, and after a few hits,

seizures on weed : when swim started smoking weed his best friend would always smoke . Also, someone I knew had a seizure, she said it was after she got the

Suspect arrested after Kittery students smoking pot suffer seizures : KITTERY, Maine €” A local man was arrested Tuesday night on marijuana trafficking charges, after two Kittery School Department students had

EPILEPSY €” Can Medical Marijuana : They are likely to have no memory of the event after it is over. A simple partial . Marijuana use appeared to be a protective factor against first seizures in men.

Can epilepsy patients use medical marijuana to prevent seizures : I had my first tonicclonic seizure after taking a weeklong break from marijuana after 7 years of daily use. I actually stopped smoking marijuana for a week before