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Guinea Pigs All About Them HEALTH : If you do decide to take your guinea pig to the vet, pick a time each year I know in my area, there are only certain dates when that particular vet is available.

Do Guinea Pigs Need to Go to a Vet? : If all seems fine and well with your guinea pig, take him to the veterinarian for standard checkups a minimum of once a year. Since guinea pigs are a little rarer

Should I take my guinea pig to the vet? Because she is not eating : If a guinea pig shows any signs of sickness you should take them to the vet immediately they are prey animals and they wont show any signs of

Guinea pig dies after Petsmart waits 16 hours to take guinea pig to vet : The Vet recommends Katie take the guinea pigs back to Petsmart where they should be able to help her. An hour later, Katie's at Petsmart. The Vet the guinea pig living and dying. €œMy daughter is heart broken,€ Katie said.

When Your Guinea Pig Needs to See a Vet Yahoo Voices : Before dismissing the idea of taking your sick guinea pig to the vet, Typically, guinea pigs should not gain or drop more than 50 grams in one week. I also volunteer my time with both marine mammals and guinea pigs.

Health and welfare Guinea Pigs Our pets : In warm weather you should check the fur and skin around your guinea pig's rear Take your guinea pigs for a routine health check at your vets at least once

General Health Vets : Guinea pigs do not need a general anaesthestic to have an abcess lanced. If you suspect bloat, take your guinea pig to the vet immediately as this is a life This usually costs well over £100 and my answer does it make a difference

Guinea Lynx Emergency Medical Guide : Do not hesitate to seek competent veterinary care if you suspect your pig is ill. If you have one, bring a healthy one along for comparison, unless you have

Guinea Pigs Health : What should I do if I think one of my guinea pigs is ill? Grooming Do I my guinea pigs? Image of guinea pig being examined by a PDSA vet

How Much Does It Cost to Have My Guinea Pigs Nails Cut at the Vet : If you do not want to clip the toe nails on your own, you can take the guinea to a vet who might do it for free or charge a minimal fee accordingly. QA Related to

How to Help Your Guinea Pig Live a Longer Healthier Life : Every morning you should clean out the food dish by simply using a The vet I take my guinea pigs to has said that many eye problems in

Comments On Signs Your Guinea Pig is Sick : Your best chance for helping your guinea pig is taking it to a veterinarian who regularly treats guinea pigs. my guinea pig has a bad eye what should i do?

Should I see a vet? : Should I take my guinea pig to a vet? Many times people will notice something is a wrong with their guinea pig and they are not quite sure whether or not they

health : and via excellent care pages listed on my links page. Finding a good veterinarian should be one of the first steps of guinea pig ownership. It is always a good idea to take your new guinea pig to a veterinarian for a wellpiggy checkup.

I think my guinea pig is sick I just bought it what do I do? : You need to take your guinea pig to a vet as soon as possible to get it checked out and to get the proper medication (usually antibiotics) so your piggy can

Guinea pig care About Us : Guinea pigs dont make their own vit. c, and rabbits do, etc etc 2) The guinea pig will be . How much should my guinea pig weigh? Mature males Anything below 650 grams, take your guinea pig to a vet IMMEDIATLEY. Illnesses Guinea

Before Adopting a Guinea Pig : Indeed they do guinea pigs are wonderful little animals, my list is endless to why I food, accessories like food bowls, water bottles, toys, a secure carrier for vet visits. As an owner of any pet, you should be fully be prepared to take on the

Guinea Pig Health Check : I usually do my health check while having a cuddle with my guinea pigs. or looks red/swollen or crusty, please take your guinea pig straight to your vets before

Bathing your Guinea Pig : My guinea pigs have a bath every 3 to 4 months, unless they are undergoing . if you take your guinea pig to the vets and a veterinary nurse may do it for you.